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Disclaimer: I don't own Hannah Montana, Disney does.

Summary: Because he was never meant to be important or famous. Jackson-centric. Angst.


Jackson knew that in his family. His key role was to be a big brother. He was never meant to be famous or important. And that doesn't bother Jackson one bit. Not at all. Sure he wanted to know how fame felt, and at one point he did, and he forgot himself. He admires how his sister doesn't let fame get in her head. Ok, maybe she is daddy's little girl and is a bit spoiled at times. But he's okay with that. After all he was never meant to be important or famous. He was a nobody. And sometimes he felt like that in the family. Sure he was glad his grandmother rooted at his volley ball game. But he just wished that he would get his dad's recognition just a bit. It was funny how life can be so cruel at times. But he always knew that his sister was destined for greatness, and he'll just be her big brother, trying to protect her when he could. He loved his sister. But sometimes, he wished he wished Miley wasn't so famous. But it doesn't matter, what he thinks because in the circle of life, he was suppose to be her big brother. And that's it.

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the truth about friendship

Summary: friends are really like your guardian angels. [luna centric drabble] please r&r!

prompt based response to Hogwarts Online, the response is Your Guardian Angel.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, JKR does!

When Luna is five, she plays in the garden, and talks to all the flowers growing in the garden. These flowers are her only friends. But her mom tells her that she'll meet people who will be her friends. She's happy and content anyway, just the way she is.


Many years later, she plucks the same flowers that she used to play with when she was younger. She's fifteen, and finally understands what her mother meant by people wanting to be her friends. Her friends are really like her guardian angels. She strings the flowers together, and write her friends names: Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Neville, and place this in her room, so she never forgets, and always remember the truth.

Her friends are like her guardian angels.

Because friends are really like your guardian angels. And Luna, might be the strange, odd person in her group of friends, but she knows the secret about friendship. She'll never let anyone harm her friends, and she'll protect them no matter what cost is for her.

Cause she's Luna, and she'll make sure that Harry will get through the war, and survive.

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the great pretending

Summary: She likes to see herself as true and perfect, but deep down she knows that's a lie. Petunia-centric drabble.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, JKR does! I always wondered what Petunia might have said to Harry before they left in the 7th book.

Petunia Dursley likes to think she's the perfect wife, a good mother, and a good person. But she knows she has too many cracks on the surface. She would like to blame her problems on her freaky nephew, but she knows it's really her.

She's the freak really.

She knows that she is capable to be a good mother, she raised her son to be a gentleman. Except all she sees is her husband influence on her son. She lost the fight that her son could be someone special, her son is just a bully. Just like how her husband is. It was not until the year that her son ran into a demonter (something so foul and evil), did her son change to be better. (But she did not teach him that, her nephew did).

She knows that she is the perfect wife, because she let's her husband get away with too much. His affairs with other women. Not having the career she always wanted. The abuse on her nephew. She hides the pain and the truth away from herself.

Fell heads over heel in love with her husband, and dropped out of university. She should have listen to her little sister before she was married.

I'm sorry Lily.

She likes to pretend she is great, but she is only great at pretending.

She won't pretend to say goodbye to her nephew. She can't think of saying goodbye to him. And let her nephew thinks that she truly hates him (she doesn't, not really) but she has to pretend that he's a problem to her.

She doesn't worry about saying goodbye. She's good at pretending not to say goodbye.

She still never got to say goodbye to her own little sister.


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