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Disclaimer: I don't own Hannah Montana, Disney does.

Summary: Because he was never meant to be important or famous. Jackson-centric. Angst.


Jackson knew that in his family. His key role was to be a big brother. He was never meant to be famous or important. And that doesn't bother Jackson one bit. Not at all. Sure he wanted to know how fame felt, and at one point he did, and he forgot himself. He admires how his sister doesn't let fame get in her head. Ok, maybe she is daddy's little girl and is a bit spoiled at times. But he's okay with that. After all he was never meant to be important or famous. He was a nobody. And sometimes he felt like that in the family. Sure he was glad his grandmother rooted at his volley ball game. But he just wished that he would get his dad's recognition just a bit. It was funny how life can be so cruel at times. But he always knew that his sister was destined for greatness, and he'll just be her big brother, trying to protect her when he could. He loved his sister. But sometimes, he wished he wished Miley wasn't so famous. But it doesn't matter, what he thinks because in the circle of life, he was suppose to be her big brother. And that's it.

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PS. I got permission from anotherfan311 to reupload this and continue this story for her!

The Very Secret Diary of Jacksonator

Disclaimer: I don't own this story, and this story is from Hannah Montana, Disney does and this is also heavily influenced (aka inspired by) Cassandra Claire's the very secret diaries.

Day One

I had to fight off Rico, and I won, therefore I am the Jacksonator, here to terminate anything.

Day Two

Miley started laughing at me because she didn't see how I won against Rico. Maybe that or the fact that the name Jacksonator seemed to make her mock me.

Day Three

Apparently Dad found out, and gave me a terminator super hero figurine.

Day Four

Techinacally, the terminator figurine is a doll.

Note to self: maybe no one will notice this doll.

Day Five

Oliver and Lily somehow fled into my room and found my figurine. I had to say that it's just a figurine.

Day Six

Somehow Rico found out. I am so dead.

Day Seven

Remember how I said I was so dead. I am totally not dead.

Day Eight

I became the Jacksonator once again, and took my figurine, not a doll, back.

Day Nine

Remember how I said I was so not dead. I lied.

Day Ten, Later

Once again, I showed Rico my superiority skills, and showed him who was boss.

Day Eleven

I decided to leave my cape and cardboard box of myself.

Note to self: jacksonator can be quite neglected.

Day Eleven, Later

Discovered why not to provoke girls, especially little sisters.

Day Eleven, Later Later

I am so dead. Either I should run, or just hide from Miley. But I have to admit, this diary is fun to read.


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