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Four Square & None so Charming

Disclaimer: House of Anubis is owned by Nick!

Summary: Patricia likes Fabian, but so does Nina. P/F/N.

Sometimes Fabian gets under her skin at times. Like the times he kept calling out on her abusive manners towards Nina, the good girl. That and they are into different things.

She's the adventurous girl, curious, the one who seeks mysterious and would rather talk back to Victor, because well, Victor deserves it. Some people might call her rude, but she thinks those are her best qualities in her.

Then there's Fabian, who's into books, and oh, the horror, actually learning in school. A regular do gooder. A nerd to boot. She tried to hook Fabian up with Joy, because there was a rumor going around that he was gay or something because he never showed any interest in girls. Patricia half thinks or knows that maybe Jerome and Alfie were behind those rumors.

And this is where the attraction lies. Two opposites but helping each other solves the mysteries about Joy and the house of Anubis.

But here is the thing. Fabian is obviously heads over heels in love with Nina. And well Nina loves Fabian; she just doesn't know it yet.

So when Fabian was so glad the Ankh was found and he could just kiss her, Patricia knew better.

Patricia would have loved to have that kiss. But so would Nina. And she's already caused enough heartbreak for Nina. She sometimes dreams about the would have been kiss that Fabian might have given her. If only she, herself would not have been too late to realize that she too has fallen for Fabian. It's always what happens to any teenage girl-a crush being crushed to death.

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Numerology Game

Summary: The plan was so simple to "pretend date" in order to get who they love back. But, sometimes love doesn't always follow the plan. Pairings: Implied Jerome/Mara, Mick/Amber, and Mara/Mick. Eventual Jerome/Amber.

Disclaimer: All rights to House of Anubis goes to Nick and whoever else owns this!


It's one of those quiet evenings in the Anubis house, which is weird because teenagers generally run around causing a much. At least that's what Victor thinks, whenever the house is truly quiet, that the teenagers are up to something. But the night was possibly quiet because Amber already cried her heart out because Mick decided to announce that he has a girlfriend Mara, and soon afterwards Alfie told everyone about his girlfriend too, some lower year or something.

So Amber left to go cry in her room. She though she heard someone knock on her door, which she thought was weird, cause she was hoping that Nina will come and comfort her right now. She opened her door, to find Jerome standing at the door, shuffling his feet, looking nervous and upset at the same time. He looked up to her and decided to say he was sorry. Strangely Amber, understood some what, and thus leads to the question, what was she going to do to win Mick back?

While Jerome left the room, Nina came in looking at her friend, asking "What did Jerome want?"

"Nothing," replied Amber. She was too busy plotting away to get Mick back and she knew exactly who would help her with this plan.

Now, if only Jerome will be willing to "date" her to get Mick back, leaving Jerome free to have Mara.

She'll tell him these plans after dinner. She needed to go fix her makeup. Crying tends to make any girl look horrible, especially if the mascara wasn't waterproof!

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Bad Parenting

Disclaimer: I don't own House of Anubis, Nick does.

Summary: AU. Father/son relationship. Victor has a second change of what he always have wanted, and Jerome, he finally gets what he always wanted in life. A family, love,and acceptance. AU. Sarah/Victor relationship implied.


"Hey dad. I want you to meet the girl i want to spend the rest of my life with."

Victor remembers all too well when he married Sarah, his high school sweetheart. And how she died so young, because of cancer.

But then Jerome Clarke came into his life and he had a second chance to get what he always wanted, a family.

He smiles at Jerome. He remembers the day he meets Jerome all too quickly...

Jerome was a 10 year old scrawny lad, with just one suitcase filled with all his clothes in his hand. He had a visible black eye and a cut on his lip. He was wearing clothes that weren't proper for the cold November day.

In front of Victor he had a folder that listed all the seven different boarding schools that Jerome Clarke went too. This school was his last hope He told Jerome to go to have supper, have a hot cup of cocoa in his room, and to go to bed.

He will instruct tomorrow in the morning on the rules and his uniform for the school. He will wake him bright and early the next day. As Jerome Clarke left to go to his supper, Victor continues to read this boy's file. It was noticed on the file that his parents didn't want or need to support this child.

Victor will explain everything about the rules then. If the boy had no proper guidance, maybe, that's why he's been kicked out to too many schools already.

"Sarah," he told to his wife's picture, "why do I get a nagging feeling that his life isn't all too well?"

He can imagine his wife's response back.

Most likely Jerome Clarke was abuse at home or something.

That means, that Victor calls the headmaster of the school, to let him know that Jerome Clarke, will go to the school nurse, before attending any of his classes.


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