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Masterpost for fanfiction

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Agent Carter

Not Worthy 1/1-completed
Summary: Unrequited love is a bitch, isn't it? Unrequited Peggy Carter x Jack Thompson.

All-American Girl

If You Think About 1/1-completed
Summary: If you think about it Samantha Madison should be thanking me. [various people]

Frisson 1/1-completed
Summary: Rebecca has a theory that needs to be proven.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Nothing but a Dream -6/100, my favorite drabble series to write but I need to re-watch avatar to get more ideas.
Summary: Really deep inside it was nothing but a dream Ty Lee x Zuko . 100 drabbles.

Truth -1/1-completed
Summary: I'm waiting for the truth. AzulaxAang.


Blind Comings -1/1 complete
Summary: Five times Jake notices Jenna before knowing her name. A Freshman year fic. Jake/Jenna. So this fic will explore how exactly Jake has a crush on Jenna.

Unexpected Love -1/1 complete
Summary: Cause it's a love story you don't see coming. Jake/Jenna. Mentions of Jenna/Matt.

Batman Begins/Dark Knight

Ironic -1/1 complete
Summary: She knew no more. Some hints of H&R but mostly.

Ben 10

And I'm Okay -1/1-completed
Summary: I see everything, I see their wanting and longing for each other. And I'm okay with that. Ken's POV on Bwen. Semi-sequel to Thoughts of the Truth.

The Seeds of Betrayal -1/?-writer's block
Summary: The path to hell is paved with good intentions. This is Kevin's tale. Kevin's POV. Pairings: KevinxGwen, Benx Julie, KevinxJulie, BenxGwen.

Thoughts of the Truth -1/1-completed
Summary: I now understand why Ben didn't want me there at all. Because I discovered his secret. Based on the episode Pet Project. Implied JuliexBen, Implied GwenxBen.
Note: Also used in lildragongurl's Cry on My Shoulder, with permission, as seen in this chapter here.


Blind Sided -1/1 completed
Summary: He feels like an idiot. No, wait, retract that sentence. He is an idiot. Post 6x09, Booth's thoughts.

Codename: Kids Next Door

Operation: Danger -2/?-need to update it
Summary: How did the delightful children get back to earth after Operation: Zero? Spoilers to interview.

Operation: TNDD-2/?-on the maybe side of updating it.
Summary: Numbuh 311 reporting for duty. And I may be a teenager, but my alliance has and will always be with KND, because I am in the TND. Slightly AU! Please r&r!

So Wrong -1/1-completed
Summary: Rachel's POV during Operation: Holiday. She never understood nor agree with Lizzie and Numbuh 10, because Nigel is the exact operative that helps the KND run. Lizzie/Nigel, 1/362.

Criminal Minds

Mommy Forever and Ever -1/1-completed
Summary: Since Jack is working the case, he also knows that mommy will be with him forever and ever, cause mommy loves him just that much. Post episode Season 5x09.

The Monsters Under the Bed -1/1-completed
Summary: Jack is pretty sure his daddy will beat the bad guys, because after all, he can capture all the monsters that hide under his bed. That and his daddy is better than Captain America. That and his daddy is the bestest daddy in the whole wide world. Post episode Season 5x01.

Turn of Events - 1/? should update but I seem to have writer's block for it.
Summary: AU after Season 5 Episode 8. Because the reaper couldn't help but notice certain things about the team dynamics, and wouldn't it be fun to be able to destroy the team and Hotch. It's like killing two birds with one stone. Implied H/P.


True Love - 1/1-completed
Summary: Funny how he found true love and yet can't be with him. Daisuke/Ken. (Davis/Ken).

Doctor Who

A Strange New World 1/1-completed
Summary: All Donna really wants to do is get back to the world she knows, the world that isn't this
(and the universe where the Doctor lives). Poem. Donna's POV during Turn Left.

The Flash

Off the Clock 1/1-completed
Summary: In which Leonard Snart totally doesn't have a crush on the scarlet speedster and decides to watch his enemy to get dirt on him. Or Barry is unaware that Leonard Snart is watching him on his day off and Leonard Snart being in denial of the fact that he has a crush on Barry. Pre-slash.


Supernova 1/1-completed
Summary: WxS. Terri is his past. Emma is his present. And Sue is his future. He just doesn't know it yet.

Gossip Girl

A Day Without Rain - 2/? -on hiatus
Summary: Telling them the story, told by Flora, dreams that they never knew. 100 words drabble for Dan&Blair.

An Unlikely Alliance - 1/?- on hiatus
Summary: AU from "Bad News Blair," what if Serena showed her true colors to Dan? Dan/Blair.

Clean Slate - on hiatus.
Summary: Tell me a story. And he did. TV-based. Maybe slight AU who knows, based on Season 3 . Dan/Blair.

Emergence - on hiatus
Summary: They didn't want to make the same mistakes their parents made. 2/100 drabbles of C/S.

ignorance is bliss - 1/1- completed
Summary: They both like spending time together although they won't admit it to each other. (Dan/Blair, spoilers to touch of eva episode).

Hannah Montana

Nobody -1/1 completed
Summary: Because he was never meant to be important or famous. Jackson-centric. Angst.

The Very Secret Diary of Jacksonator - 1/? - probably should update this (oops)
Summary: Because Jackson is a super hero, and everyone either loves him or not. Entry 11: I am so dead. Either I should run, or just hide from Miley. But I have to admit, this diary is fun to read. Please r&r!

Harry Potter

A Change of Fate -1/? need to update but I am worried that my OC will be seen as a mary sue or something :(
Summary: AU. Daphne Goodman, an American Auror, decides to take to the gossip and check if Harry really is abused, and decides to raise Harry herself. Slytherin Harry. Not a Mary Sue story.

And She Remembers -1/1-completed
Summary: And she prays for Harry to be alright. AU. 7th Year. Implied HP&GW, Lord Voldemort&Ginny.

Dracorina 1/? - need to update
Summary: When an accident in Potions class turns Draco into a girl, there's bound to be repercussion for everyone. fem. Draco/Ron, and an eventual fem. Draco/Harry story.

First Time -1/1-completed; someone wants to see a sequel to this
Summary: AU. Severus Snape isn't amused. Oh the irony of his costume, but of course, he had to let the brat pick his costume out.

Potions and Snitches   4/100
Summary: 100 word drabbles on your favorite dynamic duo, Severus Snape and Harry Potter. Not Slash.

The Beginning of the End   1/1-completed
Summary: People state that when you're dying that your life flashes before your eyes. And maybe Professor Snape is dying because of Nagini's bite mark but he really wants to live instead of dying, thank you very much! EWE.

the great pretending -1/1 completed
Summary: She likes to see herself as true and perfect, but deep down she knows that's a lie. Petunia-centric drabble.

the truth about friendship -1/1 completed
Summary: friends are really like your guardian angels. [luna centric drabble] please r&r!

The Year of the Wolves - 2/? not sure if to update but probably should
Summary: Welcome to Salem Institutional of Witchcraft and Wizardry! And here I thought I was just going to have a normal year. Boy, was I wrong!

Hey Arnold

Nadine's Corner -1/? -writer's block
Summary: Because the best love story is your own, the moment when everything comes together and then falls apart...

Neglected Thoughts -1/1 completed
Summary: Helga might be a one-year old but she knows certain things. Based on the Journal Episode.

Subway Adventures -1/?-not sure if to update
Summary: Helga decides to runaway from her family, but not before she meets Arnold. Could he change her mind?

House of Anubis

Bad Parenting 1/?-need to update
Summary: AU. Father/son relationship. Victor has a second change of what he always have wanted, and Jerome, he finally gets what he always wanted in life. A family, love,and acceptance. Sarah/Victor relationship implied.

Four Square & None so Charming -1/1-completed
Summary: Patricia likes Fabian, but so does Nina. P/F/N.

Numerology Game 3/? -Need to update.
Summary: The plan was so simple to "pretend date" in order to get who they love back. But, sometimes love doesn't always follow the plan. Pairings: Implied Jerome/Mara, Mick/Amber, and Mara/Mick. Eventual Jerome/Amber.

How I Met Your Mother

The Great Stinsky Shenanigans 1/?-Really should update this
Summary: Ted really should have known that Barney would do this crazy act, in which Barney ropes Ted to take care of their children (or: Ted really should read documents before signing them…).


Pure Horace Mantis Study Hall -1/?- unlikely I'll update this though
Summary: Just my answer to all the challenges that are found in the Pure Horace Mantis Study Hall. Yeah, I'm totally original for the title!

The Morning After -2/? - need to update!
Summary: Stella never wanted the paper to be pink. She wanted the home pregnancy test to be blue. But clearly she's pregnant. AU for sure, and talks about teen pregnancy, not a lovey dovey Disney fic. Pairings: Joe/Stella, Kevin/Macy, and eventual Nick/Stella.

The Rebellion -2/?- not sure if to update this.
Summary: Not everyone likes the JONAS or the Lucas brothers. And some Horace Mantis students will express their hatred towards the Lucas brothers, and others will show their undying devotion. But where do you stand? Nick/OC, Joe/Stella, Kevin/Macy

Liberty's Kids

The Old Dust on the Print Shop -1/1 completed
Summary: This is an answer to a challenge set by punkrockstargrl101. How did Moses get to the print shop?

Life with Derek

The Serial Killer - 4/?-need to update this.
Summary: There's a serial killer in town, and he has eyes on Casey. Dasey.

Lizzie McGuire

Pretend -1/1-completed
Summary: And the pretending doesn't make it any easier. Kate's PoV.

Pretend to Eat for Me -1/1-completed
Summary: Pretend to eat for me. And I did. Implied Eating Disorder. Kate's PoV. Kate-centric.

The Old Dust in the Flame -1/1-completed
Summary: I'm not me, reflected Kate. There's a reason why Miranda hates Kate a lot. Implied KatexMiranda, LizziexGordo. Warning: Femslash. Don't like then don't read it!


The Path -1/1 completed
Summary: the path to hell is paved with good intentions...{Morgana-centric drabble}

Pretty Little Liars
The Twin Brigade 1/1-completed, ask to do a sequel for this, but I need to see how to fit into the new pll spoilers.
Summary: She'll do anything to protect her twin sister, even if she has to kill someone. Other tagline: Spencer has a twin sister she never knew about.

Rugrats/All Grown Up

Metamorphoses -1/1-completed
Summary: Because there love was always changing, always turning. CxA. 50 sentences. [AGU!]

Star Trek: Into the Darkness

A Great Tragedy 1/1-completed, have another story in mind but I need to rewatch movie to get back into writing that story.
Summary: Spock suddenly understands how everything was a great tragedy. (Spock POV).

The Social Network  

In a Relationship with Mark Zuckerberg-1/? need to complete this
Summary: Eduardo thinks someone is messing with him, because why would his relationship status be in a relationship with Mark Zuckerberg? AU.

Ugly Betty

His Type - 1/1- completed
Summary: And if you said Betty was not Daniel's type, than your wrong. Implied one-sided Daniel/Betty and Henry/Betty. Daniel's POV.

Too Late - 1/1-completed
Summary: AU. One-sided Detty, implied Henry/Betty. What if Betty said yes to Henry's marriage proposal? Daniel's POV.


Pablo Remembers - 1/? most likely won't update again.
Summary: Loosely based on lilyqueen777's "A Dad's Wish." And Pablo was given a second chance at life.

Wizards of Waverly Place

My Best Friend, Alex - 1/?-unlikely to update this
Summary: Justin never figured that he would fall for the cliche, falling in love with his best friend, especially with a best friend who doesn't always respect him. Jalex.AU. Please r&r!

Vampire Diaries

Falling to Pieces -1/1 completed written during season 1 of tvd.
Summary: A look at when exactly Damon fell in love with Elena..."He's not exactly sure when he fell in love with her. He just knows that he did fall in love with her." Delena, Season 1 spoilers only.

The Supernatural Investigators -1/? one of those in the moment kind of idea, not sure if to update.
Summary: AU. Meet the original family, the ones that investigate the supernatural cases and solve crimes.

Unexpected -1/? I should update but not on my priority list.
Summary: Katherine/Damon, Damon/Elena. The plan was simple, to get to know her doppelgängerin 6 months and then kill her. He just never planned on falling in love with her. Please r&r!

Welcome to the World -1/? next drabble should contain damon/meredith
Summary: Welcome to the world of Vampire Diaries...a drabble of all the pairings seen in this fandom. Warning: weird couples, slash, and femslash. You can even request pairings! You have been warned!

Young Justice

The Secret Keeper 1/1-completed
Summary: Artemis/Robin. It's the little things that makes Artemis notice that Dick Grayson is Robin. What's one more secret to keep?


The Investigation 1/? one of those ideas that came out and I should update
Summary: The niece of Joey Wheeler witnessed her father's killing, and is arrested for the crime. Joey Wheeler believes his niece to be innocent, and after his sister commits "suicide," he wonders why no one else is investigating his sister's death. Seto Kaiba enters the picture after Joey Wheeler begs him to investigate these crimes.

The Month Long Journey -4/30-need to finish this
Summary: Because in the manga, Yugi and Yami had a month before the last duel. Ever wonder what exactly happened during that month? 30 drabbles. Implied puzzleshipping. YugixYami. Hints of other relationships. PS. I got permission from anotherfan311 to reupload this and continue this story for her! (1st chapter is hers, the rest are mine).

The Society of White Lotus - 2/?-need to update this ASAP!
Summary: AU. What if Marik won in Battle City? Now the world is shrouded in darkness, and Yami is in the Shadow Realm. How's the gang going to change anything?

Vertigo-1/1 -completed, I think
Summary: I never knew how much I loved him. implied Puzzleshipping.


Doctor Who and Hey Arnold

Time and Space -1/? one of those ideas that spun out but not sure if to update.
Summary: AU. Helga never thought she'll run away with a strange man in a blue box and yet she does.

Codename: Kids Next Door and CSI: NY

One False Move -2/? I posted both chapters and I really need to update this!
Summary: In a matter of seconds, everything can go wrong, and then there's no turing back. Stella/Mac, 1/362. AU. This takes place directly after the Taxi Cab serial killer, for CSI: NY, as for KND, it takes place either in Season 5 or Season 6.

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Found from: [ profile] malicat & [ profile] frelling_tralk

TV Shows/Fandom Meme

the character i least understand
interactions i enjoyed the most
the character who scares me the most
the character who is mostly like me
hottest looks character
one thing i dislike about my fave character
one thing i like about my hated character
a quote or scene that haunts me
a death that left me indifferent
a character i wish died but didn’t
my ship that never sailed
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found here: source
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Found here.
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Found here.
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insomnia, hello my old friend,
I wonder what's in store for me today,
will I lie awake, or simply go crazy


Feb. 16th, 2016 10:55 pm
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I need to sleep
and yet my problem is
that I can't sleep
just staring at the abyss,
until my mind
can finally be silence,
by the darkness.


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