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One False Move

(or Operation: One False Move)

Summary: In a matter of seconds, everything can go wrong, and then there's no turing back. Stella/Mac, 1/362. AU. This takes place directly after the Taxi Cab serial killer, for CSI: NY, as for KND, it takes place either in Season 5 or Season 6. (Blame this story for being written because I was watching too much CSI NY & KND recently. Actually this story is a combination of two ideas, one where Stella adopts a KND operative, and another one where one of the villians makes a triumph return and starts killing KND operative. ) In addition, I wonder where the police is half the time because of all the destruction that occurs in KND.

Disclaimer: CSI: NY is owned by CBS, and KND is owned by Cartoon Network, that and I don't any of them.


Transmission Connected

Prologue: Setting the Stage

Earlier: 8:04 AM.

"You know what's annoying" started Officer Tiller, " how kids these days like to go up and down and graffiti all over the bridge"

"Yeah, especially writing down KND all over the bridge today" replied Detective Flack.

Earlier today, there were complaints of a ruckus that occurred around the George Washington Bridge. Where some flying device, (otherwise known as a C.O.O.L.B.U.S. was in fact on the bridge, where sector NYC, were trying to defeat a villain). Of course, some reports said that there was a UFO, that was flying around, but the only damage that can be found would be some of the glass of the windows were blown out. But nothing life threatening.

And of course, there was no proof of any aliens being here.

'Yesh, what some people say, truly are looney' thought Detective Flack.

Later: 3:07 pm.

"Bye Stacey-Ann" said Susie, while leaving there school. Stacey-Ann, aka Numbuh 213, needed to head back to her treehouse, for an important mission, that the moon base would most likely send. However, she never felt the presence of her killer right behind her.

4:06 pm.

Frank wasn't really nervous, he couldn't be. He was the sector leader of sector NYC, and it wasn't his fault that one of his operative didn't have enough sense to come to the treehouse on time.

"Numbuh 213" said Frank.

"Yes, Numbuh 210"

"We need a search party, Numbuh 213, has never been late for a misson spec. Look where she usually hangs out." He just hoped that she was alright, and that the substitute teacher wasn't giving her a hard time and giving a lot of homework to her.

"Look what we have here" said Dectective Taylor.

It was a body of a 10 year old girl, with brown hair, stabbed 213 times, that and the number 213 was written on her body, and of course, a note saying how the KND will be brought down. It looks like there was another serial killer was loose in New York again.

"Numbuh 362, we found Stacey-Ann, she was murdered" said Numbuh 210, over the transmission to the moon base.


Never, in all her childhood, have she ever seen horrible pictures.

"We left before we can move the body, the police arrived, and we didn't want to be in trouble again with them" continued Numbuh 210. He never saw his leader, react the way he did, losing an operative, like that is always hard on everyone.

The code, the rules were changing. Never before, have Rachel seen any villain kill a KND operative. That and villains always hurt kids, but never killed. This time, she was going to the Earth to help Sector NYC, to find the villain and bring him or her to justice. That and Numbuh 213 will be remembered for what she did for the KND. Her death won't be in vain.

She was going to need the best scientists to help, and the best spies. She needed to call an assembly so everyone will know what they were facing. It's the only way.

...Transmission Disconnected...

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