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Pure Horace Mantis Study Hall

Summary: Just my answer to all the challenges that are found in the Pure Horace Mantis Study Hall. Yeah, I'm totally original for the title!

Disclaimer: JONAS is owned by Disney channel!

Challenge 7: Weather


No one knew that Stella had her favorite weather, she loved feeling the wind blows on any day. Wind reminded her the magic that's in the air. Or really it just simply reminds her of how Joe looks at her, and feel for her. Sure, she knows that Joe does not realize yet that he loves her, she can see the fact that he does love her. Joe's love is like the wind. The love is there, she can feel it, and yet Joe just does not know yet that he loves her. And she'll wait for him.


If anyone had to describe a word for Macy, it would be very bubbly, bright and very happy. She's like the sun. She brights up anyone's day.

Even if she was describe as the scary fan girl for JONAS.

Although, if you had to know Nick secretly enjoys her bubbly personality, even if he does not let that on at all for her.


Everyone described Nick as moody and serious. If he had to be any weather, he would be cloudy, only because he can be in a gloomy mood.

At least that's what the school thinks.

Although he sometimes have a smile because of Macy


Joe loves snow, only because he's a little kid on the inside.

And of course, he loves to throw snowballs at Stella, when she least suspects it, or really to throw snow and run away so that he can hear Stella scream because he ruined yet another scarf that she made. Or so she says.

Yet she does not know he's the one who always throw the snowballs at Stella.

And he so does not have a crush on Stella.

He has no clue what Nick and Kevin are trying to tell him that he should go out with Stella.

He does not have a crush on Stella.


Kevin knows he's different. He loves being different, because he's unique in that way.

And he loves listening and staying up to thunder and lightening, only because thunder and lightening reminds him of himself.

He loves being different, and loves hearing the music that occurs in thunder and lightening.

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The Rebellion

Summary: Not everyone likes the JONAS or the Lucas brothers. And some Horace Mantis students will express their hatred towards the Lucas brothers, and others will show their undying devotion. But where do you stand? Nick/OC, Joe/Stella, Kevin/Macy

Disclaimer: I don't own JONAS, Disney does!


If anyone told me that I would be friends with the JONAS or the Lucas brothers, I would be laughing at those people. Only because, well I don't listen to their music, and I am not obsessed with them as Jenny, Sara, and Macy are.

I still don't understand why certain people, ok, mostly the girls my grade are like in love with the JONAS brothers. Maybe, I am just hating on them, because their music turned my best friends into mindless zombies or something.

Of course, I still think that everyone should treat the Lucas brothers as human beings, not gods or something, and believe that's how I feel whenever my best friends talk about them.

Of course, just like how there are people who have their undying devotion towards the JONAS brothers; there are those who also hate the JONAS brothers. These same people also tried to recruit me because they probably noticed that I was as goo goo gaga as other people were in the school.

That or my current ex-boyfriend, Sammy tried to recruit only because he's probably insecure about them coming here. Probably because he's afraid that one of the JONAS brothers will try and join the football team, and that JONAS brother might actually be better than him.

Who knows? I never really understood why some boys try to fake being so macho or something.

So which side are you on? I remember Sammy asking me that earlier. I am not really sure which side I am on, but I am pretty sure I am not going to hate the JONAS brothers, just because they are some rock stars. That and I am not in love with them. How about just treat them as normal regular guys?

Isn't that why they came to this school in the first place?

Next time: Chapter 1: The First Day of School

"Ms. Goodman, please come to the principal's office" said the principal through the loudspeakers in the hallways, which were usually made for announcements, or people who were in trouble.

I am usually not in trouble; actually I was never called to the principal office ever in my life time.




"Your goal is to navigate these rock stars through the hallways of Horace Mantis, and make sure they don't get hurt" said Principal Mannatis






"Hey it's the JONAS brothers!"

"Run" that was the only thing I could think of, that and I needed to navigate them towards three different places. Now I must think strategically like this is a war or something.






"Hey let's lock them in the closet!"





"Are you claustrophobic or something?"

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The Morning After

Summary: Stella never wanted the paper to be pink. She wanted the home pregnancy test to be blue. But clearly she's pregnant. AU for sure, and talks about teen pregnancy, not a lovey dovey Disney fic. Pairings: Joe/Stella, Kevin/Macy, and eventual Nick/Stella.

Disclaimer: I don't own JONAS, Disney does!


Everyone knows that Stella Malone is the JONAS brothers' personal stylist. Everyone knows that Stella Malone have the prettiest clothes in the school, because she designs her own clothes. And everyone knows that Stella Malone is always wearing a smile on her face. The fact that she always has a smile on her face everyday might be because she's generally a happy person, or maybe it's because she always hangs out with the Lucas brothers all the time. Or the fact that Joe Lucas is the boyfriend that always makes her feels better.

Yes everyone knows everything about Stella. Or so they, being the school of Horace Mantis think they do.

Stella doesn't make as much money as people think she does because she's JONAS brothers' personal stylist. Only Mr. Lucas knows why she doesn't get paid too much, because most of her salary goes into the boarding school tuition and the rest goes to pay her father's addiction. Ok, so Mr. Lucas doesn't know where the rest of her money goes to.

The only reason why people don't know everything about Stella Malone might be because she doesn't ever tell anyone about her home life. Macy Misa, her best friend might have some ideas, but Macy never been over to her house, and neither have Nick, Kevin or Joe. That and she tries to stay over as much as possible at the Lucas house hold, because to her, the Lucas family is not a broken home, like how hers is.

No one would ever suspect that Stella Malone's life is like. She made sure of it.

She had to go buy a home pregnancy test because, well, she and Joe may have went a little too far on one of their many special dates. And while Joe did have a condom on while they had sex, she missed her period already for two weeks, and that was an indication for Stella to check whether she was pregnant or not.

She was sure she wasn't pregnant. Only because the statistics were right there, only 99.8% of the condom was effective towards not getting broken while sex was involved. And she hoped to God she wasn't pregnant. She didn't want to become like a whore, like how her father said she was, and he only said that because she was always at the Lucas house.

As always she would walk the streets of New Jersey late at night, but unlike other places, like New York, where she live was relatively safe. The only worst crimes to occur here would be mugging, or something, and even then, she wasn't sure what anyone would want from her.

She went to the drug store that was around her house, in fear of anyone from school or her friend to see her purchasing a home pregnancy test. That and to buy at least three or four gallons of water, so that she can really follow the proper procedure of the home pregnancy test. The drug store clerk didn't say anything about her buying a home pregnancy test. Maybe saw some other teenagers also buying the same thing.

She was lucky that when she got home, which would be 9 pm, which her father was asleep.

'More like passed out from his drunken state' thought Stella.

Yes, that was the hidden secret as to why she never invited anyone home, because they would meet such a lovely volatile man, known as her father. At first he would drink occasionally. This would be before everyone moved. Before the Lucas brothers were famous. And after they moved, or when the Lucas brothers became famous, her dad couldn't find work, because there was not a lot of publishing jobs opening for him, he started to drink.

Sure, the stressor may have been the fact that he couldn't find work, but he can get work now, but since he can get a job, he decides that booze is better than getting a job.

Lucky, for Stella, that her mom knew that she would be coming home now. She was lucky that her mom had a job at the clothing store, where her Mom managed and created clothes. Yes, Stella was lucky to get all the clothes that she could recreate from her Mom.

Her mom would have stayed up, but she managed to convince her mother that she was working on a secret project with Macy, and Macy was often nice enough to help Stella out when she needed a cover story.

So she decided to finish that one last physics homework assignment that she decided to do last minute, only because she really didn't understand nor want to do her physics assignment. Actually she would have asked for Nick to help her, but she was calculating in her head how to tell Joe that she was buying a home pregnancy test because her period was late. No matter how her calculating her thoughts got, it was hard to think of it because Joe was also trying to distract her by tickling her senseless and kissing her on her lips, well until Nick barged into the room, and she realized how late everything was.

So all she had to do was drink her two bottle of water, which hold about four gallons of liquid she needed in order to ensure that she went to the bathroom. Peeing on a small white stick that will either convert to blue that means she wasn't pregnant or to pink which means she was pregnant. And Stella kept praying to God that the latter wouldn't happen, and that the pregnancy stick would be blue. And if it was blue, she would wear blue color clothes as a miracle.

She first had to drink all the water, and then when she really had to go, she would pee on the pregnancy stick test, and leave it in the bathroom for an hour.

She won't be nervous about her pregnancy test, and will finish her physics homework.

Of course, Stella was asleep by the time her pregnancy test would be finish, only because she was tired and really she couldn't finish her physics homework at all. The acceleration due to gravity will change the velocity; those words just simply confused her. And she was lucky enough to go to the bathroom just once in order to do the pregnancy test.

She dreamt of nothing but sweet dreams about her and Joe having a peaceful family life style.

Stella's alarm woke her up at 6 AM, only because it took forever for her to decide which special uniform of hers to wear, that and to look around her room to find her homework for all her classes.

She was getting ready to take the shower, until she notices the pregnancy strip. It was pink, which meant that she was pregnant. Either that or the home pregnancy test was messed up. That means she will have to buy another pregnancy test, but of course, and she decided to stuff the results down the toilet of hers, because no one in her house needed to see the evidence, and she didn't need a reminder of the lies.

She wasn't pregnant.

She just couldn't be pregnant.

(Two weeks later)

Now Stella noticed that her period didn't come at all, but she was still not sure what to do. After trying 37 different home pregnancy tests that told her she was pregnant, she knew she was pregnant. At least a month she was pregnant, at least according to the fact that she didn't have her period yet.

She needed to face the music and tell Joe that she was pregnant, and that she was keeping the child, only because she was raise that abortions were wrong, and well, to be frank she could always give the child up for adoption.

Of course that meant that she couldn't keep hiding the fact that she was pregnant, and that she would of course make her father call her a whore.

That and she needed to find Joe to tell him everything.

She hoped that Joe would take the news well, because she needed someone to be strong with her during her pregnancy, because she was sure she couldn't handle the pregnancy well by herself.

And everyone knows that Stella Malone is always wearing a smile on her face.

But of course, Stella knows that she can't wear that happy smile on her face anymore.

She's pregnant, and that sure hells make her really upset and not happy about anything right about now.

Next time:

"Joe, I have something really important to say, but it's hard to say it" Stella was swaying her legs while she was talking. She was nervous and scared of how Joe would react to the news.

"I have really something important to say, there's this music class offered in California, for four months, and only five lucky students get to go, and I am one of them. I thought I told you about this class, and I told you that I would say yes to this offer. Now what were you going to say?" said a rather happy and yet oblivious Joe.










"I'm pregnant" said Stella crying and wrapping her arms around her body.

"And we will go through with this pregnancy"




"Wait how many pregnancy tests did you do?"

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