The Twin Brigade

Disclaimer: I don't own Pretty Little Liars, abcfamily does.

Summary: She'll do anything to protect her twin sister, even if she has to kill someone. Other tagline: Spencer has a twin sister she never knew about.

Spencer doesn't know that I exist. At least, that's what I think. It's possible that she probably remembers playing oxen free when we were younger. One Halloween day, when we were younger, we were playing with dolls, and apparently Spencer took my doll and out of anger, I stabbed her, or tried to stab her. The wound wasn't so deep, but, our parents came home and told me that I needed to leave. Leave to go to Radley, where I lived there until now, where I secretly escaped. I was watching my sister, and I know this makes me sound creepy and what not, but she looks so damaged and destroyed. Every time, her cell phone beeps, she looks so jumpy and scared. I had to get to the bottom of this. Our parents made it clear that I was to say in Radley and most likely, never return again. They are embarrassed of having me in the family. I see Mrs. DiLaurentis entering into my sister's room, without Spencer noticing it. Why would Mrs. DiLaurentis be entering into Spencer's room? What's going on? Do I need to kill her? After all, Mrs. DiLaurentis is on the board at Radley, and she always told the nurses and guards to keep me locked up. Later on that week, I'll kill Mrs. DiLaurentis myself. I placed her in a dug grave after hitting her behind with a rock. I know hurting people is wrong, but I have to protect my sister in some ways. Hopefully, one day we can reunite to be together, and hopefully we can play dolls together peacefully.