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"Sockboy" has a brand new account called [ profile] rioescandela and as he always does he posted a bad fic, friended himself a million times, commented on himself (or herself, I can't trust anybody with anything at this point) and started with the usual spam of all Supernatural communities.

This time I got fed up and posted a comment (harsh, but enough is enough):

Comment )

As a response my comment got screened.
I decided to send a message:

So what is it that you want?
Don't be a coward and tell us and we will leave you alone.

(By "we" I mean this fandom because I know that there are a lot of people that would like to say something to him/her at this point.)
So far no response.

A few of their aliases:
Sockboy list )

Plus so many people just can't be retarded in the exactly same way and have the same problems while posting all the time (fonts, sizes, colors,...).

Add to that the evergrowing amount of new annoying communities like [ profile] the_male_room, [ profile] spn_spankbank, [ profile] jensenmmfic, [ profile] rps_fanfiction and branching out into new fandoms with communities like [ profile] hemlockgroveff, [ profile] matt_bomer_rps, [ profile] chrisevansrps,...
They've also got their off lj archive [ profile] pervylit fic, which they promote with journals like [ profile] pervyfreak, [ profile] hunterj86 & [ profile] candykitten88 and encourage people to join to see more and send them their work (which sounds like a scam from miles away).

The site is loaded with advertising, which makes it look like they're trying to turn a profit off of hosting fanfic. They aren't big on answering questions there either, Someone left a comment on the rules back in january and they still haven't gotten a reply.

If it was possible I would demand all the communities this person posts into to ban them...but for now I will just add this nice little repost button so anybody who feels like it can spread the list and edit the entry to add the sock names I missed and complete the list.


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