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Agent Carter

Not Worthy 1/1-completed
Summary: Unrequited love is a bitch, isn't it? Unrequited Peggy Carter x Jack Thompson.

All-American Girl

If You Think About 1/1-completed
Summary: If you think about it Samantha Madison should be thanking me. [various people]

Frisson 1/1-completed
Summary: Rebecca has a theory that needs to be proven.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Nothing but a Dream -6/100, my favorite drabble series to write but I need to re-watch avatar to get more ideas.
Summary: Really deep inside it was nothing but a dream Ty Lee x Zuko . 100 drabbles.

Truth -1/1-completed
Summary: I'm waiting for the truth. AzulaxAang.


Blind Comings -1/1 complete
Summary: Five times Jake notices Jenna before knowing her name. A Freshman year fic. Jake/Jenna. So this fic will explore how exactly Jake has a crush on Jenna.

Unexpected Love -1/1 complete
Summary: Cause it's a love story you don't see coming. Jake/Jenna. Mentions of Jenna/Matt.

Batman Begins/Dark Knight

Ironic -1/1 complete
Summary: She knew no more. Some hints of H&R but mostly.

Ben 10

And I'm Okay -1/1-completed
Summary: I see everything, I see their wanting and longing for each other. And I'm okay with that. Ken's POV on Bwen. Semi-sequel to Thoughts of the Truth.

The Seeds of Betrayal -1/?-writer's block
Summary: The path to hell is paved with good intentions. This is Kevin's tale. Kevin's POV. Pairings: KevinxGwen, Benx Julie, KevinxJulie, BenxGwen.

Thoughts of the Truth -1/1-completed
Summary: I now understand why Ben didn't want me there at all. Because I discovered his secret. Based on the episode Pet Project. Implied JuliexBen, Implied GwenxBen.
Note: Also used in lildragongurl's Cry on My Shoulder, with permission, as seen in this chapter here.


Blind Sided -1/1 completed
Summary: He feels like an idiot. No, wait, retract that sentence. He is an idiot. Post 6x09, Booth's thoughts.

Codename: Kids Next Door

Operation: Danger -2/?-need to update it
Summary: How did the delightful children get back to earth after Operation: Zero? Spoilers to interview.

Operation: TNDD-2/?-on the maybe side of updating it.
Summary: Numbuh 311 reporting for duty. And I may be a teenager, but my alliance has and will always be with KND, because I am in the TND. Slightly AU! Please r&r!

So Wrong -1/1-completed
Summary: Rachel's POV during Operation: Holiday. She never understood nor agree with Lizzie and Numbuh 10, because Nigel is the exact operative that helps the KND run. Lizzie/Nigel, 1/362.

Criminal Minds

Mommy Forever and Ever -1/1-completed
Summary: Since Jack is working the case, he also knows that mommy will be with him forever and ever, cause mommy loves him just that much. Post episode Season 5x09.

The Monsters Under the Bed -1/1-completed
Summary: Jack is pretty sure his daddy will beat the bad guys, because after all, he can capture all the monsters that hide under his bed. That and his daddy is better than Captain America. That and his daddy is the bestest daddy in the whole wide world. Post episode Season 5x01.

Turn of Events - 1/? should update but I seem to have writer's block for it.
Summary: AU after Season 5 Episode 8. Because the reaper couldn't help but notice certain things about the team dynamics, and wouldn't it be fun to be able to destroy the team and Hotch. It's like killing two birds with one stone. Implied H/P.


True Love - 1/1-completed
Summary: Funny how he found true love and yet can't be with him. Daisuke/Ken. (Davis/Ken).

Doctor Who

A Strange New World 1/1-completed
Summary: All Donna really wants to do is get back to the world she knows, the world that isn't this
(and the universe where the Doctor lives). Poem. Donna's POV during Turn Left.

The Flash

Off the Clock 1/1-completed
Summary: In which Leonard Snart totally doesn't have a crush on the scarlet speedster and decides to watch his enemy to get dirt on him. Or Barry is unaware that Leonard Snart is watching him on his day off and Leonard Snart being in denial of the fact that he has a crush on Barry. Pre-slash.


Supernova 1/1-completed
Summary: WxS. Terri is his past. Emma is his present. And Sue is his future. He just doesn't know it yet.

Gossip Girl

A Day Without Rain - 2/? -on hiatus
Summary: Telling them the story, told by Flora, dreams that they never knew. 100 words drabble for Dan&Blair.

An Unlikely Alliance - 1/?- on hiatus
Summary: AU from "Bad News Blair," what if Serena showed her true colors to Dan? Dan/Blair.

Clean Slate - on hiatus.
Summary: Tell me a story. And he did. TV-based. Maybe slight AU who knows, based on Season 3 . Dan/Blair.

Emergence - on hiatus
Summary: They didn't want to make the same mistakes their parents made. 2/100 drabbles of C/S.

ignorance is bliss - 1/1- completed
Summary: They both like spending time together although they won't admit it to each other. (Dan/Blair, spoilers to touch of eva episode).

Hannah Montana

Nobody -1/1 completed
Summary: Because he was never meant to be important or famous. Jackson-centric. Angst.

The Very Secret Diary of Jacksonator - 1/? - probably should update this (oops)
Summary: Because Jackson is a super hero, and everyone either loves him or not. Entry 11: I am so dead. Either I should run, or just hide from Miley. But I have to admit, this diary is fun to read. Please r&r!

Harry Potter

A Change of Fate -1/? need to update but I am worried that my OC will be seen as a mary sue or something :(
Summary: AU. Daphne Goodman, an American Auror, decides to take to the gossip and check if Harry really is abused, and decides to raise Harry herself. Slytherin Harry. Not a Mary Sue story.

And She Remembers -1/1-completed
Summary: And she prays for Harry to be alright. AU. 7th Year. Implied HP&GW, Lord Voldemort&Ginny.

Dracorina 1/? - need to update
Summary: When an accident in Potions class turns Draco into a girl, there's bound to be repercussion for everyone. fem. Draco/Ron, and an eventual fem. Draco/Harry story.

First Time -1/1-completed; someone wants to see a sequel to this
Summary: AU. Severus Snape isn't amused. Oh the irony of his costume, but of course, he had to let the brat pick his costume out.

Potions and Snitches   4/100
Summary: 100 word drabbles on your favorite dynamic duo, Severus Snape and Harry Potter. Not Slash.

The Beginning of the End   1/1-completed
Summary: People state that when you're dying that your life flashes before your eyes. And maybe Professor Snape is dying because of Nagini's bite mark but he really wants to live instead of dying, thank you very much! EWE.

the great pretending -1/1 completed
Summary: She likes to see herself as true and perfect, but deep down she knows that's a lie. Petunia-centric drabble.

the truth about friendship -1/1 completed
Summary: friends are really like your guardian angels. [luna centric drabble] please r&r!

The Year of the Wolves - 2/? not sure if to update but probably should
Summary: Welcome to Salem Institutional of Witchcraft and Wizardry! And here I thought I was just going to have a normal year. Boy, was I wrong!

Hey Arnold

Nadine's Corner -1/? -writer's block
Summary: Because the best love story is your own, the moment when everything comes together and then falls apart...

Neglected Thoughts -1/1 completed
Summary: Helga might be a one-year old but she knows certain things. Based on the Journal Episode.

Subway Adventures -1/?-not sure if to update
Summary: Helga decides to runaway from her family, but not before she meets Arnold. Could he change her mind?

House of Anubis

Bad Parenting 1/?-need to update
Summary: AU. Father/son relationship. Victor has a second change of what he always have wanted, and Jerome, he finally gets what he always wanted in life. A family, love,and acceptance. Sarah/Victor relationship implied.

Four Square & None so Charming -1/1-completed
Summary: Patricia likes Fabian, but so does Nina. P/F/N.

Numerology Game 3/? -Need to update.
Summary: The plan was so simple to "pretend date" in order to get who they love back. But, sometimes love doesn't always follow the plan. Pairings: Implied Jerome/Mara, Mick/Amber, and Mara/Mick. Eventual Jerome/Amber.

How I Met Your Mother

The Great Stinsky Shenanigans 1/?-Really should update this
Summary: Ted really should have known that Barney would do this crazy act, in which Barney ropes Ted to take care of their children (or: Ted really should read documents before signing them…).


Pure Horace Mantis Study Hall -1/?- unlikely I'll update this though
Summary: Just my answer to all the challenges that are found in the Pure Horace Mantis Study Hall. Yeah, I'm totally original for the title!

The Morning After -2/? - need to update!
Summary: Stella never wanted the paper to be pink. She wanted the home pregnancy test to be blue. But clearly she's pregnant. AU for sure, and talks about teen pregnancy, not a lovey dovey Disney fic. Pairings: Joe/Stella, Kevin/Macy, and eventual Nick/Stella.

The Rebellion -2/?- not sure if to update this.
Summary: Not everyone likes the JONAS or the Lucas brothers. And some Horace Mantis students will express their hatred towards the Lucas brothers, and others will show their undying devotion. But where do you stand? Nick/OC, Joe/Stella, Kevin/Macy

Liberty's Kids

The Old Dust on the Print Shop -1/1 completed
Summary: This is an answer to a challenge set by punkrockstargrl101. How did Moses get to the print shop?

Life with Derek

The Serial Killer - 4/?-need to update this.
Summary: There's a serial killer in town, and he has eyes on Casey. Dasey.

Lizzie McGuire

Pretend -1/1-completed
Summary: And the pretending doesn't make it any easier. Kate's PoV.

Pretend to Eat for Me -1/1-completed
Summary: Pretend to eat for me. And I did. Implied Eating Disorder. Kate's PoV. Kate-centric.

The Old Dust in the Flame -1/1-completed
Summary: I'm not me, reflected Kate. There's a reason why Miranda hates Kate a lot. Implied KatexMiranda, LizziexGordo. Warning: Femslash. Don't like then don't read it!


The Path -1/1 completed
Summary: the path to hell is paved with good intentions...{Morgana-centric drabble}

Pretty Little Liars
The Twin Brigade 1/1-completed, ask to do a sequel for this, but I need to see how to fit into the new pll spoilers.
Summary: She'll do anything to protect her twin sister, even if she has to kill someone. Other tagline: Spencer has a twin sister she never knew about.

Rugrats/All Grown Up

Metamorphoses -1/1-completed
Summary: Because there love was always changing, always turning. CxA. 50 sentences. [AGU!]

Star Trek: Into the Darkness

A Great Tragedy 1/1-completed, have another story in mind but I need to rewatch movie to get back into writing that story.
Summary: Spock suddenly understands how everything was a great tragedy. (Spock POV).

The Social Network  

In a Relationship with Mark Zuckerberg-1/? need to complete this
Summary: Eduardo thinks someone is messing with him, because why would his relationship status be in a relationship with Mark Zuckerberg? AU.

Ugly Betty

His Type - 1/1- completed
Summary: And if you said Betty was not Daniel's type, than your wrong. Implied one-sided Daniel/Betty and Henry/Betty. Daniel's POV.

Too Late - 1/1-completed
Summary: AU. One-sided Detty, implied Henry/Betty. What if Betty said yes to Henry's marriage proposal? Daniel's POV.


Pablo Remembers - 1/? most likely won't update again.
Summary: Loosely based on lilyqueen777's "A Dad's Wish." And Pablo was given a second chance at life.

Wizards of Waverly Place

My Best Friend, Alex - 1/?-unlikely to update this
Summary: Justin never figured that he would fall for the cliche, falling in love with his best friend, especially with a best friend who doesn't always respect him. Jalex.AU. Please r&r!

Vampire Diaries

Falling to Pieces -1/1 completed written during season 1 of tvd.
Summary: A look at when exactly Damon fell in love with Elena..."He's not exactly sure when he fell in love with her. He just knows that he did fall in love with her." Delena, Season 1 spoilers only.

The Supernatural Investigators -1/? one of those in the moment kind of idea, not sure if to update.
Summary: AU. Meet the original family, the ones that investigate the supernatural cases and solve crimes.

Unexpected -1/? I should update but not on my priority list.
Summary: Katherine/Damon, Damon/Elena. The plan was simple, to get to know her doppelgängerin 6 months and then kill her. He just never planned on falling in love with her. Please r&r!

Welcome to the World -1/? next drabble should contain damon/meredith
Summary: Welcome to the world of Vampire Diaries...a drabble of all the pairings seen in this fandom. Warning: weird couples, slash, and femslash. You can even request pairings! You have been warned!

Young Justice

The Secret Keeper 1/1-completed
Summary: Artemis/Robin. It's the little things that makes Artemis notice that Dick Grayson is Robin. What's one more secret to keep?


The Investigation 1/? one of those ideas that came out and I should update
Summary: The niece of Joey Wheeler witnessed her father's killing, and is arrested for the crime. Joey Wheeler believes his niece to be innocent, and after his sister commits "suicide," he wonders why no one else is investigating his sister's death. Seto Kaiba enters the picture after Joey Wheeler begs him to investigate these crimes.

The Month Long Journey -4/30-need to finish this
Summary: Because in the manga, Yugi and Yami had a month before the last duel. Ever wonder what exactly happened during that month? 30 drabbles. Implied puzzleshipping. YugixYami. Hints of other relationships. PS. I got permission from anotherfan311 to reupload this and continue this story for her! (1st chapter is hers, the rest are mine).

The Society of White Lotus - 2/?-need to update this ASAP!
Summary: AU. What if Marik won in Battle City? Now the world is shrouded in darkness, and Yami is in the Shadow Realm. How's the gang going to change anything?

Vertigo-1/1 -completed, I think
Summary: I never knew how much I loved him. implied Puzzleshipping.


Doctor Who and Hey Arnold

Time and Space -1/? one of those ideas that spun out but not sure if to update.
Summary: AU. Helga never thought she'll run away with a strange man in a blue box and yet she does.

Codename: Kids Next Door and CSI: NY

One False Move -2/? I posted both chapters and I really need to update this!
Summary: In a matter of seconds, everything can go wrong, and then there's no turing back. Stella/Mac, 1/362. AU. This takes place directly after the Taxi Cab serial killer, for CSI: NY, as for KND, it takes place either in Season 5 or Season 6.

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I snagged this from [ profile] stripytights who originally snagged this from frozen_delight

There's 50 questions below the cut, feel free to pick a number (or 2 or 3). I need something to distract me from my writing papers and stuff.  If there's one thing I love, it's talking about fic, commenting, favourite authors, reccing and all of those good things. So ask away

I'll answer in the comment below for these questions:

1. What fandom(s) do you read?
2. If you could request more of a certain type of fic, which would it be?
3. What is your favorite all-time fic?
4.Do you ever re-read fics? How about triple-read?
5. Do you prefer angst or fluff?
6. Do you prefer long fics or short fics?
7. Name some incomplete fics that you wish were completed.
8. Talk about the ships that you read.
9. Do you read smut?
10. What’s the most hard-core smut or kinky fic you’ve ever read (be honest)!
11. Do you read AUs?
12. List a few of your favorite AUs.
13.  What type of AUs are your favorites? Give a general description. What makes you give up on reading a fic?
14. What makes you pick up a fic, what makes it sound interesting?
15. Name a fic that made you cry (or that made you come close).
16. Name a fic that made you laugh a lot.
17. Do you have a fic recommendation page or master list?
18. How many fics do you think you’ve read before?
19. What’s the weirdest fic you’ve ever read? Describe it.
20. Do you read crack!fic?
21. Name a few of your favorite crack!fics.
22. Has fluff ever made you cry? What about angst?
23. What’s the longest fic you’ve ever read?
24. What’s your opinion on reading dubious consent or no consent?
25. Name a type of fic you’ll never ever read.
27. Name a type of fic that you wish there was more of.
28. Who are your favorite fanfiction author(s)?
29. When you find an author you like, do you follow them?
30. How often do you read fanfiction?
31. Do people know that you read fanfiction?
32. Do you leave reviews after reading fics? If so, what do they sound like?
33. When you read a good fic, do you go to the author’s page?
34.Name a common type of fic that you cannot stand.
35. Name all the Work in Progress fics that you are currently reading.
36. Has a fic ever left you unable to fall asleep or think about anything else?
37. Are you good about keeping up when reading Work in Progresses?
38. Name some of your favorite fic recommendations pages.
39. Name a fanfiction author that you’re scared to talk to because they’re so amazing.
40. Have you ever written fanfiction or considered it?
41. Name a fic that has a perfect ending.
42. Name a fic that you wish was longer.
43. Do you read OT3 fics commonly? Have you ever?
44. Do you mainly read TV shows, movies, or books?
45. Do you read fanfiction about Anime?
46. If you could imagine the perfect fic, what would it be like?
47. If you had to introduce someone to fanfiction with a few fics, which would you suggest?
48. Have you ever read a fic containing character death?
49. Do you have an AO3/ page? Link it.
50. What sites do you typically use to read on?
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Read the story below this )
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Disclaimer: I don't own Rugrats or All Grown Up, Nick does!

Summary: Because there love was always changing, always turning. CxA. 50 sentences. [AGU!]


Funny how he said he never was on anyone's side, but she could see his smile and can't help wonder his voice sounded so happy.

2-Popular Kids

It wasn't funny how he transformed and became so much more popular than she was.


How could he fall for Nicole, she's doesn't even like him, like that.


"You are so jealous," said Susie. She most definitely was not.


She was using him, and no one uses him because she was the only one who can use him.


He couldn't help but wonder why his cousin, Angelica pays too much attention to Chuckie? Maybe the aliens were in control of Angelica or something?


Sometimes she feels like he can really see who she was, and that scared her to the core.


Chuckie couldn't help but think that was all Angelica would ever know.


She one time took off his glasses just to see how undorkey he looks.

10-Embarassing Pictures

He had to wonder where the heck did Angelica find his embarrassing pictures? He made sure to hide them real well in his room.


She had to write a poem about something, and she used Chuckie as her inspiration. She won the teen writer award.


She had to write a poem about something, and she used Chuckie as her inspiration. She won the teen writer award.


He remember seeing Angelica with her first boyfriend, and he had the instinct to want to punch the guy out.


Even she needed her own comfort, and she hated how Brandon kept hitting on her.


Her best present was when he gave her, her favorite flowers.

16-Goofy Smile

She wanted to make him smile his goofy smile, but it could only be seen when he was with Nicole.


She always notices where he is in the hallway.

18-Don't look back

She never wanted to look back, in the past but she remembers.

19-White Knight

She never thought that he would save her from the bullies, or be her white knight.

20-Glances (revisited)

He feels like that she understands him better, and that she knows what he's thinking.

21-Fake tears

She was faking her tears when she telling him that Nicole was cheating on him. The next day he learned the truth.


She always adapted abd learned how to be strong.

23-Nicole (Revisited)

"Yes, I was just using you. I wanted to be with Brandon. But how did you know that?"


She never seen him cry like that at all.


She would always be his inspiration.

26-Remember Me

"Remember me for who I am," he would remember the two pigtails she had when she was little.


She never once apologized for anything and sometimes he is grateful.


No matter what, he hated how she couldn't be straightforward and tell him what her agenda even was.

29-Only One

She was the only one who was allowed to use him like a toy, and no one else.

30-Bitch slap

She never it anyone, until she saw Nicole, after what she did to Chuckie!


She was hocked to see him in detention with her and she couldn't help but smile about it.


Their first date wasn't even a datee, Chuckie got so nervous, she stayed at his house, just for fun.


He wondered why she told him the truth..


For a moment she actually did care for him, then she quickly reminded herself that she couldn't.

35-Valentine Dance

She never liked watching Chuckie dancing, he looked like a fish with two left legs, but what was worse was the fact he was having a great time with Nicole.


The one last night to be with that special someone, or so Angelica was told, but she couldn't find the courage to dance with Chuckie.

37-Prom Queen

Chuckie noticed that even when Angelica looked her best, that he can feel some emptiness in her eyes.

38-Whimsical trip

For some strange reason, Angelica wanted to take a trip to anywhere, like Hollywood, or something and decided to take Chuckie along for the ride with her.


She didn't expect to see a familiar face, but she was so glad to see him.

40-College Party

She never expected to see him party and having fun with her.


Whenever she was drunk, she always told him the truth.


She didn't remember telling Chuckie, she always told him the truth.


After he found out the truth, he kept seeking his memories, and decided that Angela only hurted him so much because she was in love with him.


He felt like it was achieve with the way how she proclaimed her love to him.


She remember all the memories, and that left her to griminess.


She was changing, maturing to prove her point.


He forgave her, somewhat, but that was all that mattered to her.


The first time and they kissed, it wasraining outside while they were in libarary, where theey were suppose to be studying for their finals.


Some how they both passed their finals, even through they both had a long make out session before hand.

50-Holding Hands

They both hold hands, and to Angelica she was content where she was. For Chuckie, he felt so nervous and yet so happy to be here todya. He was ready to say "I do," and start a new life with Angelica.

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Thoughts of the Truth

Summary: I now understand why Ben didn't want me there at all. Because I discovered his secret. Based on the episode Pet Project. Implied JuliexBen, Implied GwenxBen.

Disclaimer: Like I really own Ben 10? Cartoon Network owns Ben 10, not me. (I have to say I enjoyed the little JuliexKevin moment in this episode, and that I enjoyed the fact that Ben decided to change into his alien form right when Gwen got hurt, which is why he was mad).

He is always concerned for Gwen.

He is always concerned for Gwen, and I think now I understand why Ben didn't want me to come along. He didn't want me to see how much he cares for Gwen. Really cares for Gwen. He cares a lot more about her than me. It's not only how close they really are to each other, but the fact that he loves her gets to me. Maybe he doesn't truly consciously love her yet, but it's there.

And Gwen, she doesn't know that she truly loves Ben yet. I remember her saying how sweet Ben was for being sensitive to me, and then she asked Kevin to do that, and he said he doesn't do sweet. She wants someone as sweet and sensitive to Ben, and yet she looks at Kevin. Someday, I know she will realize how much Kevin isn't that guy for her, but Ben is.

Till that day comes, I know at least I can be in Ben's heart for a little longer. At least I can have him to myself, till either one of them realizes that they love each other. At least I can have Ben to myself a little longer. That and I won't give any hints to Ben that he subconsciously loves Gwen. Because I want him for just a little longer.

Note: Also used in lildragongurl's Cry on My Shoulder, with permission, as seen in this chapter here.
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The Seeds of Betrayal

Summary: The path to hell is paved with good intentions. How Kevin became evil. Pairings: KevinxGwen, Benx Julie, KevinxJulie, BenxGwen. Should I continue with this story? Let me know!

Disclaimer: I recently was watched Ken 10, and I was wondering how Kevin became evil. I really don't own Ben 10, Cartoon Network does.


The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

The way I am today starts with a girl. Not just any girl. A wonderful girl named Gwen Tennyson.

And my downfall also begins with her.

I chose my path, and this is how I became evil.

Although, I must admit, that Ben Tennyson also play a part in this.

One thing I wish would be that Gwen had been mine, but I have to go through Ben first, and I never can win a fight against him.

You might how this story starts out, and I have all the time in the world to tell the story, because I am trapped here because of Ben Tennyson.

The story starts with one simple pure innocent kiss from Gwen...

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And I'm Okay

Disclaimer: I do not own Ben 10, Cartoon Network does! Funny thing, I never have seen Ken (Gwen's older brother) but this is how I thought he would react to Bwen...

Summary: I see everything, I see their wanting and longing for each other. And I'm okay with that. Ken's POV on Bwen. Semi-sequel to Thoughts of the Truth.

It's funny. I can see their relationship now. If you have told me 5 years ago, that Ben and Gwen would ever be friends (or something more) than I would have laughed at you. Now, I can clearly see the truth. I can see the way Ben cares for Gwen and how Gwen looks at Ben.

I am sure that they both love each other. Not the cousin love, but something more kind of love. They just both don't know how much they love each other.

It annoys me how much Gwen tries to hide her feelings by going out with that jerk, Kevin. Or how Ben tries to be a good boyfriend to Julie, when I can imagine how much Ben hurts insides when ever he's out with Julie. I can see that the girl that Ben truly wants to be with is Gwen. And I'm okay with that.

I don't know why both Ben and Gwen hide the truth, that they love each other. I am sure I am not the only person who see that. I hope my little sister comes to her senses and realize the truth, that she should stop hurting herself and realize that Ben cares for her as much as she does for him.

Maybe, I should them what I think. I think they should be allowed to date with each other. And I'm okay with that.

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Subway Adventures

Disclaimer: I don't own HA, Nick does.

Summary: I am not even sure if I am going to continue this story, but this was something I found in my old notebook filled with old stories. True Summary: Helga decides to runaway from her family, but not before she meets Arnold. Could he change her mind? PS. I did not know at the time that HA was heavily influenced by the Bronx houses and not Queen houses!

To Helga, she had to get out of the house, she had to leave. Even if she left, she doubted that her parents would ever notice that she was gone, after all her dad always called her Olga! Big Bob was always thinking about money and forgetting about his own family.

It wasn't like she had any arguments with Big Bob again; just she really didn't see a point of herself living where she lives.

She was going to runaway, and no one could stop her, not even her beloved.

Problem was he was there, the one that she still loved even after all those years, and yet he didn't know. Arnold was coming out of the subway station with his friends, it seems like he just finished his baseball practice for the high school team.

"Oh, Helga, need any help with your bags?" asked Arnold.

Helga had to pretend like she didn't know why he was there.

"Football head, what are you doing here?" asked Helga.

Arnold smirked, he knew that Helga was just baiting him, and in so many ways she was saying, yes, she needs help with her bags, without trying to look weak.

"So, where are you going? I could really help you get there," replied Arnold.

Helga didn't want him there, but whatever, it was not like he really cares about her. 'Oh, Arnold how I love you and yet at the same time, I loath you,' though Helga to herself.

"I am going to transfer at Atlantic Avenue in order to get onto the 4 train so I could get to Grand Central," replied Helga.

Arnold quirked an eyebrow, but did not say anything. They stayed quietly waiting to pass 7th avenue. Once Atlantic Avenue came (which was right after 7th avenue), they both got off the 2 train, which continued towards the west side of Manhattan, while the 4 train stayed towards the east side of Manhattan.

Luckily for Helga, she did not need to wait for along time, instead of the usual 10 minutes waiting time for the 4 train to come; a 4 train was actually waiting for the 2 train to come into the station.

Arnold really wanted to wait until Grand Central to ask Helga where exactly she was going, maybe to visit family members. Arnold continued with Helga just in case, you never know how dangerous the subway could be, especially after dark. However, the only danger of being inside the subway would be for those who were gramophones, like Sid. The obvious thing would be the dirt on the ground of the subway, as well as a homeless person who was sitting in the car, or maybe how many people were sitting in the train or pushing each other in order to get in or out. Or maybe rats, like the time that Helga and himself were stuck in the subway after dark, and Helga tried to get out of the subway, in came lots of rats which scared Helga.

When the stop Helga needed came and she did not know how to tell Arnold to leave, so she got Arnold to carry a lot of bags for her.

It was easy for Helga to blend into the crowd seeing how this was rush hour, and that over a million people are running around to get into the subway or to the Metro-North. Helga ran with the few bags of clothes in her bag, and her money. She was that good at blending into the crowd, but she could have sworn that she heard Arnold call out her name, "Helga Pataki."

Too bad for Helga, she did not notice two men happy to hear her name…

As for Arnold, he took Helga's bags and went back into the subway, seeing how it would soon be 8:30 and his metro-card will not work and he had no money on him. He was lucky that in his public school system, he got a free metro-card, seeing how he lived a little over a mile (or really 20 blocks) from his school.

As for Helga, she did not know that 2 men were overshadowing her. As for Arnold, he hoped that Helga got to her family member's house soon enough. At least he can hope so.

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Nadine's Corner (or Nadine's Place)

Disclaimer: I don't own Hey Arnold! Nick owns HA!

Summary: Because the best love story is your own, the moment when everything comes together and then falls apart...


People often wonders what happens in life, like why do people fall out of certain friendships? Or why Rhonda Wellington Lloyd would ever be friends with pathetic old me.

Let me tell you something about people. People change for the better or for the worse.

I fell in love. It's not a crime, but maybe for me falling in love with a certain boy could cause a disaster. Some what.

I am not sure why I am telling this story, but there's bound to be lies about me..

Well here's the truth, welcome to Nadine's Corner where everything here is accurate.

Or is it?

You, my dear readers, get to decide to hear the truth and decide whether or not it's accurate.

Let me start the story with this:

"Because the best love story is your own, the moment when everything comes together and falls apart."

Here's how the deconstruction has begun...

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Operation: T.N.D.D.





Drabble Stories (or something like that…)

Summary: I may be a teenager, but my alliance has and will always be with KND. These are all the missions that my team mates have been on, but warning all our problems are included here! Slightly AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own KND/GKND or TND! Everything is owned to Mr. Warburton. This might slightly be AU but it's worth it!


Hmph. I hate how a certain cousin of mine thinks that all teenagers are "evil." Ok, so I can understand why Nigel would think that, after all Cree keeps attacking the KND tree house, but does he have to think I am evil!

That's just wrong because I am anything but an evil teenager. I may be a teenager, but my alliance has and will always be with the KND. After all not every teenagers or adults are evil, just some. Anyway, I should probably begin with all the missions my teammates and I have done. But I have to warn you, not everything is as simple as it appears. Not every mission is filled with rainbow monkeys or ice creams. No, it could be with heartache and pain that's never been felt while being in KND. Sadly, this is my story of how my friends grew up with pressures. And I am no exception.

Read more... )

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Operation: DANGER

(Delightful Children Accept New Grounds (and) Excited Ramification)

Disclaimer: I don't own KND, CN does!

Summary: How did the delightful children get back to earth after Operation: Zero? Spoilers to interview. (Just cause, I was wondering a lot about the DC/Sector Z, you have to wonder about everything you ever know about KND...)


...transmission recieved...

The vastness of space one must think about the horrors that could even be found here. Without a doubt we are all going to die!

"Lenny quite thinking that we are all going to die here in space. That and aliens don't exist," replied four eerie little voices.

"Of course," replied back Lenny. Luckily nobody could see his face, since his helmet covered his face. He felt they were all going to die today.

Besides, Father will most definitely, be mad that the Delightful children couldn't defeat Nigel Uno, the KND, and the fact they were in space.

..."Greetings earthlings!" said a mysterious voice. The dark space didn't show no UFOs or alies, and the moniter showed no ships or aircrafts around.

Yup, today was going to be the day the Delightful children will die and nobody will care about them.

"I want out of the ship now" cried out Lenny

...transmission interrupted...

Read more... )

So wrong

Apr. 26th, 2015 12:32 am
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So wrong

Disclaimer: I don't own KND, Cartoon Network does.

Summary: 362 (Rachel) thoughts on what happened during operation: Holiday. She never understood nor agree with Lizzie and Numbuh 10, because Nigel is the exact operative that helps the KND run. Lizzie/Nigel, 1/362. I really wondered where Rachel started to have her crush on Nigel, it's implied in Operation Girlfriend that Rachel does have a crush on Nigel, but I really wanted to write this. Besides, she was in Operation: Holiday, and I wondered what her thoughts were!

It's so good that every section leader could use a break, and go to Jamaica for some relaxation. I definitely need it, because running KND is really hard work.

Sometimes, I feel guilty for coming along to this retreat, because the moon base could be under attacked or some kids might need someone (like me) to tell them when to have time for a cookie break. But alas, I am here and right now all that matters is having fun in the pool with my girlfriends and enjoying the mango smoothie.

This vacation is definitely better than the one my family tried to make me go on last summer. But alas, I am here, and right now all that matters is having fun in the pool with my girlfriends that I regularly don't normally see on the moon base, and I get to enjoy all those wonderful mango smoothies, and the juicy gossip.

There's Numbuh 86, also known as Fanny, and Numbuh 254, Angel who used to work with me in the good old days when I used to spy for the KND.

And there's Numbuh 1, Nigel Uno, with Numbuh 10, Natasha, known as the prettiest girl in KND. I wonder what they are talking about, because all I can hear from the back of the pool, is laughter.

Numbuh 1, is how he looks, (according from what I heard from Fanny), he's bald but he's a hard worker, even after he lost all his hair during a KND mission, he didn't betray the KND for it. (I know some people who would have). His sector is always the top because he knows to drill his sector to do all the missions. And I am glad to see he's here, I can finally see him in person, and see whether what Fanny was saying is all true. I know some of them must be false. How that girl does her work with half of her team is filled with boys, makes me wonder. But I can't wonder about Fanny right now, after all she proves to be a valuable worker for the KND.

Just like Numbuh 1.

I heard he has a girlfriend and I wonder why he's here with Natasha. I think every boy is jealous right now. But at least he's having fun (he looks like he deserves a vacation). And now, it's time to go back and get one last smoothie before I pack my bags.

And then I heard a crash, and I had to wonder if the hamasters who are going to have the vacation after this retreat, and wondering if they were going to be alright. After all hamasters help keep the tree houses power on. There, I was on the beach, and I saw the airplane, slightly destroyed, but the hamasters alive, and then I heard a very loud's girl's voice:

"Nigel Uno!"

Uh-oh, I am guessing that the red hair girl with the most annoying voice on the planet, actually is Numbuh 1's girlfriend. That and she apparently heard somehow that Nigel was spending his time with a girl, but I know that Numbuh 1 would not cheat on his girlfriend, by the way he acts, it seems like he's very much in love with Lizzie. I can tell by the way he looks at her, and how Numbuh 1 is very loyal and dedicated to the KND.

And then Numbuh 10 had to explain why she would never go out with Numbuh 1, first of all she's his cousin, and second of all, he's a hard worker, and they way he dresses (which really shouldn't matter).

And then I see Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 3 both unharmed, and basically Numbuh 1 forces them to go back to work, without letting Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 3 have a mango smoothie. It's understandable, because the way Numbuh 10 and Lizzie continue to talk about all of Numbuh 1's bad points.

I will never understood nor agree with Lizzie and Numbuh 10, because Numbuh 1 is the exact operative that helps the KND run. And my heart hurts a little when I see Numbuh 1 leave.

He needs to learn that not everyone in the KND, thinks so cruelly about him as Numbuh 10 and Lizzie do.

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An Unlikely Alliance

Disclaimer: I don't own Gossip Girls, CW does.


"1x04 Bad News Blair
Blair: Normally I wouldn't be this close to you without a tetanus shot.
Dan: My mom kind of left us a couple of months ago. Only my...
my dad and my sister don't really see that,
'cause she told us she had to go away for the summer to,
uh... to follow her dreams and be an artist.
But it's not summer anymore and she's still up there.
And that's all she seems to care about right now.
Every time I go to see her,
I tell myself this time I'm going to tell her what I think.
This time I'm going to look her in the eye,
and say... either come home or leave for good.
And so there I was, just the other day;
I was sitting across the table from her,
I looked her straight in the eye and I didn't say anything.
Blair: Why not?
Dan: I don't know. But I wish I had.
'Cause, even if it didn't change anything,
she'd know how I felt."

Dan was surprised by the fact that Serena continued with the model shoot. He just thought that Serena would be different, be his Aphrodite, of the upper east side. At least that's how he saw her.

Until now.

His world, or dream world, that is was crashing fast.

He thought that Serena would have made up with Blair. But Serena tried to explain to him, while changing into her clothes, that she always wanted to be a model, and that Blair sucks at modeling, and that she'll make it up to Blair by calling her later.

He realized that upper east side people, usually like to step on other people in order to get what they wanted.

And then he realize that Serena, most likely wasn't the most loyal person. So why should he go out with her?

He wonders where Blair is at the time. Maybe he could comfort her.

Because that's what Brooklyn people do.

That and he was worried about Blair. Although, he wasn't sure as to why he cared about her. But he does.

Maybe he can even form an unlikely alliance with her, to help Blair against any harm that Serena might have done.

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My Best Friend, Alex

Disclaimer: I don't own Wizard of Waverly Place, Disney Channel does.

Summary: Supposable Wizard of Waverly Place was suppose to be two kids in the family and not three, so with that, I decided to create this alternative universe. Justin never figured that he would fall for the cliche, falling in love with his best friend, especially with a best friend who doesn't always respect him. Jalex.

"No Goodbyes
for love brightens their eyes.
Don't say Adios, say Adios,
and do you know why
there's a love that won't die?
- don't say Adios, say Adios, Goodbye."-One by One by Enya


It was funny, how fast middle school, went for Justin. Denial. Not just a river in Egypt. He never realized how much he was in love with Alex. Alex his best friend, who doesn't respect him at all. Who goes around doing magic, when he helps clean up her messes, because he can't say no to her when she asks.

He just realized that denial is not just the river in Egypt.

He wasn't sure exactly when he knew that he was love with her.

Maybe he realized that they were suppose to be together whenever she keeps looking at guys in the school.

Yes. He felt jealous every time she looked at guys that way.

He had no clue why until now. He figured out he is in love with her.

He hoped that she would get over Dean. However, she supposable is in love with him.

Justin sighed, because life wasn't fair. How he knows it already.

He kept thinking that maybe the first time he fell in love with her, was when he moved into the neighborhood when he was six years old while she was a precocious and gets away with everything, and she was four then. It was the first time he got punished when she did magic and he tried to clean up the mess, but there was something about Alex, that he knew he would like about, even though he wasn't sure what.

Now he is sure, he knows it's when he sees her smile for something silly he said, well that's what he'll live for right now.

"Justin, I need your help. I messed up with a spell" said Alex, and Justin wondered what it was, "I told Dean that I was a wizard, and I need him not to know that" said Alex.

Rule one of magic was not to tell people that you knew magic, unless that person is trustworthy.

"The whole school knows I am a wizard" continued Alex.

Oh shit, was the first thing that Justin thought of cause he wasn't sure what to do. He hoped that Professor Crumbs won't come in to take Alex's magic.

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The Monsters Under the Bed

Summary: Jack is pretty sure his daddy will beat the bad guys, because after all, he can capture all the monsters that hide under his bed. That and his daddy is better than Captain America. That and his daddy is the bestest daddy in the whole wide world. Post episode Season 5x01.

Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Minds, CBS does! I was always so scared of entering a fic in this category and yet here I did write a story, I hope you like it! Any grammatatical mistake are intenional seeing how Jack is four!

Jack Hotchner, or Jack, was pretty sad to see his father in the hospital. Of course, his daddy was the bestest daddy in the world, and he was pretty sure that although his dad got really hurt, that the bad guy got even worse than his dad. After all his daddy always got the bad guys, and the good guys always win, just like how Captain America always did.

Although his daddy is better than Captain America, but don't tell mommy that right now, because she's really upset with daddy. He doesn't understand why, but maybe, mommy is made at daddy because he got really hurt or something.

"Jack, you and mommy are going to have to go into hiding…" he didn't really understand the rest of the sentence, but he wasn't sure why daddy couldn't also go into hiding.

"Daddy, why can't you go into hiding with us?" Jack asked, but he thought about it before, his daddy needed to catch the bad guys.

"Well, the bad guy who hurt daddy needs to be caught" replied his dad.

Jack can only smile at his daddy, unlike his mommy. His mommy didn't know it already but daddy will get the bad guys. He always will, after all, if he can catch all the monsters under the bed, then daddy can always catch the bad guy.

After all his daddy is better than Captain America.

He is sure of that. And after all he's only four, but he can prove that once his dad will catches the bad guy and him and mommy can come back to daddy.

Jack wonders if he'll also help his daddy work the case even if he's in hiding. He could always imagine himself doing that when he's in hiding.

He hopes mommy will also help him.

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Mommy Forever and Ever

Summary: Since Jack is working the case, he also knows that mommy will be with him forever and ever, cause mommy loves him just that much. Post episode Season 5x09.

Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Minds, CBS does! I was always so scared of entering a fic in this category and yet here I did write a story, I hope you like it! Any grammatatical mistake are intenional seeing how Jack is four!

(I am not sure about this title but…)

His daddy told him to work the case, and so he did. Those were the magical words to him.

That and mommy decided to hug him to hard. He didn't understand it, but he didn't know that the bad man would hurt his mommy. He thought that the bad man was a friend cause he was playing with him with his toys.

That and the bad man kept saying that he understood that he wanted to see his daddy again, and that he will real soon. Of course, this didn't trigger any bad signals to Jack, cause for a four year old, he wanted to see his daddy again, and this man said he knew his daddy.

Lucky for those magical words his daddy told him. Told him to go work the case. Of course, that meant that the bad man can't find him.

Jack, of course, heard the gun shot, and he knew that guns killed people, and that mommy might be hurt, but daddy told him to work the case, and he was sure that daddy would rescue mommy and him, only cause his daddy was the bestest person in the whole world.

Jack was lucky that he wasn't claustrophobic in this small space that he was in, or having no fear that oxygen run out. But he closed his eyes, because that's how daddy always found him, and he could hear the bad man walking around in the room next door. Mommy and daddy's room. He could hear the bad man grunting and carrying something heavy.

But Jack wasn't scared of the bad man, he was scared that mommy would be gone, but he remembers what mommy said. She loves him a lot. Forever and ever, was always what she told him when he was bad, like the times that he stole all the chocolate from the chocolate jar.

Mommy loves him and daddy would be coming to this house to find him and get the bad guy.

He can hear no movement anymore, and he sure the bad guy was trying to create a trap for his daddy. But daddy was smarter than him that's for sure. He can hear his daddy coming up the stairs slowly and carefully.

Probably finding the bad guy, just how he used to find the monsters under the bed. Mommy insist that there were no scary monsters under the bed, but nonetheless, daddy will always believe him, even if he wakes daddy up really late at night to shoo away all the monsters under his bed.

He could hear guns shots again, and then two people fighting, but Jack is sure that daddy will finish the bad guy. And he can hear his daddy running to this room, to find him.

"Daddy, I worked the case just like you told me" he told his daddy when he opened his eyes to see the bestest daddy rescue him.

He knew that daddy will save the day.

"Where's mommy dad?" Jack asked, because mommy was with him with what he felt like a few minutes ago.

"Jack, you know sometimes bad guys hurt people, and I couldn't save your mother" said his daddy, who had tears in your eyes.

"Tis not your fault daddy" said Jack allowing his daddy to feel his tight hug, that mommy only gave him a few minutes ago.

Mommy might not be here physically, but he remembers what mommy last told him, she loves him a lot, forever and ever. And he'll always feel mommy's love. Now, if only daddy could also understand that it wasn't his fault, and feel mommy's love for daddy?

Daddy will have to learn that lesson, he's sure daddy will learn that fairly quickly. After all he's the bestest daddy.

And mommy, will always be in Jack's heart forever and ever.

Jack finally met all the people that daddy worked with, and he's sure that daddy will soon learn, that all these people including him, who were in this biggest room he's ever seen. Someone told him this was the conference room; where all these nice people that daddy works with, discuss how to get the bad guys. He's sure that daddy might be sad cause mommy is gone, but these people are also his family, and daddy will never be alone.

Because daddy will always have him forever and ever. And he'll teach daddy all the games, songs, tickling games, and telling how much he loves mommy, the same games that mommy did everyday. Therefore, it's like mommy will be here forever and ever.

He can still feel her presence even in this biggest room. He's pretty sure that mommy will now watch over him and daddy forever and ever, and teach him and daddy how to be happy again.

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Pure Horace Mantis Study Hall

Summary: Just my answer to all the challenges that are found in the Pure Horace Mantis Study Hall. Yeah, I'm totally original for the title!

Disclaimer: JONAS is owned by Disney channel!

Challenge 7: Weather


No one knew that Stella had her favorite weather, she loved feeling the wind blows on any day. Wind reminded her the magic that's in the air. Or really it just simply reminds her of how Joe looks at her, and feel for her. Sure, she knows that Joe does not realize yet that he loves her, she can see the fact that he does love her. Joe's love is like the wind. The love is there, she can feel it, and yet Joe just does not know yet that he loves her. And she'll wait for him.


If anyone had to describe a word for Macy, it would be very bubbly, bright and very happy. She's like the sun. She brights up anyone's day.

Even if she was describe as the scary fan girl for JONAS.

Although, if you had to know Nick secretly enjoys her bubbly personality, even if he does not let that on at all for her.


Everyone described Nick as moody and serious. If he had to be any weather, he would be cloudy, only because he can be in a gloomy mood.

At least that's what the school thinks.

Although he sometimes have a smile because of Macy


Joe loves snow, only because he's a little kid on the inside.

And of course, he loves to throw snowballs at Stella, when she least suspects it, or really to throw snow and run away so that he can hear Stella scream because he ruined yet another scarf that she made. Or so she says.

Yet she does not know he's the one who always throw the snowballs at Stella.

And he so does not have a crush on Stella.

He has no clue what Nick and Kevin are trying to tell him that he should go out with Stella.

He does not have a crush on Stella.


Kevin knows he's different. He loves being different, because he's unique in that way.

And he loves listening and staying up to thunder and lightening, only because thunder and lightening reminds him of himself.

He loves being different, and loves hearing the music that occurs in thunder and lightening.

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Pretend to Eat for Me

Summary: Pretend to eat for me. And I did. Implied Eating DisorderKate's PoV.

Disclaimer: If I owned Lizzie McGuire, this would be how Kate really thinks...but Disney owns the show.

You could say this problem started in high school. I love being a cheerleader. Who doesn't? But the price does come at a high price. It's not everday to hear from the older and cooler cheerleaders that in order to stay on the squad, I needed to lose my "baby fat."

It hurts to heat that from (ex) friends that I am fat. I am not, but I needed to lose the weight, "the baby fat." Essentially everyone started noticing my new body, after I lost a few pounds and all the guys stated hitting on me. I felt sorta happy, but then I wondered if I was never beautiful before?

I think it was a year where I suppressed my eating. I would tell myself a lie, that I was not hurting myself. When really I was. But with no one at home to stop me and my new (ex) friends supporting me there was no way for me to stop myself.

I still pretend not to feel guilty, that I was not hurting myself. I think only a few people truly noticed, but Ethan, probably didn't know till he said to pizza with him. I'll just pretend to eat for him.

And I'll lie awake at night trying to soften my retching sounds and to cry myself to sleep. I will wake up the next day and pretend that everything is ok. After all, that's what I have to do in order to still be a cheerleader.


Apr. 26th, 2015 12:16 am
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Summary: And the pretending doesn't make it any easier. Kate's PoV.

Disclaimer: If I owned Lizzie McGuire, this would be how Kate really thinks...but Disney owns the show.

I used to be really good friends with Lizzie and Gordo, and everything was great. Until I was sucked into the world of middle school, where if you wanted to be anyone, you had to be cool. And I wanted in. And I really was happy with my new friends, because I had nothing better to do at home. With Claire, I could actually go shopping and her mother is really cool and helpful, so not like my mother. But being cool came with a price. I had to not like the ones below the cool kids, like Lizzie and Gordo, my really great friends in elementary school.

So I pretend not to like them, and tried to help in the little things to them. And the pretneding not to like them doesn't make it any essier. I want to go back to the days of sharing cookies, and laughing at Gordo's not so funny jokes, and to be popular. But I still want true friends.

Life isn't easy for me but I'll pretend like it is.

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And She Remembers

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned JKR, I own nothing. This was originally suppose to be darker, but I decided to let the readers decide what happen.

No one knew that Ginny Weasley was pregnant with Harry's child. It was mere luck that Lord Voldemort found her and kidnapped her, and luckily none of her family members died.

Lord Voldemort knew that she was pregnant with his child. The boy-who-live. The boy who always in the end manage to survive. He knew that he'll have to have her try and tell him where that boy was.

Ginny knew that Lord Voldemort had ways to make her talk, and she hoped, in some way that one of those ways would not to hurt her child. She remembered the time when a mere 17 year old boy would tell her that everything's alright. And here was that boy, the same boy that tried to kill her.

"I'll tell you where Harry is, only after the birth of this child, and if you harm me or the baby or I won't tell you anything" said Ginny.

Lord Voldemort knew he could do nothing; he already penetrated through her mind and found nothing.

'Hold on, Harry'thought Ginny. She after all wanted to have a simple life with Harry, and live in a red house. Ginny wanted no one, not one of the three, her, the baby and Harry to die. And in the end she prays that he doesn't die.

And some time past by until the new arrival of Harry's child, and Lord Voldemort needed to make sure to weaken Ginny.

"Harry's dead, and you'll make a fine bride" said Lord Voldemort before the contractions began.

He left Ginny whimpering on the floor, with a nurse to help assist the delivery. And Lord Voldemort made sure to put in the newspaper about his bride, hoping to draw out Harry Potter, and finally kill him.

Ginny knew that Harry wasn't dead; she thought she heard, in Harry's voice, to hold on, because he's coming, coming to start that family she always wanted to have.


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