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This is just a friendly reminder that Sockboy did plagiarize in the past under the username [ profile] micamonroe too, there's the art theft too...

Also, I noticed that the (sadly still online) plagiarized story on AO3 has 9 comments listed but only 8 of them are visible.
Which one of you lovely cookies left the screened one? :D

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Obviously there are still people who are too stupid to realize who Sockboy/MicaMonroe on AO3 is (there is no other explanation for the comments on "his stories").
As most of you with an account on AO3 know, AO3 can't host pictures and in order to have them posted you have to upload them somewhere else first.

Anybody with a functioning brain knows that these pictures have (and keep) their own URL adress, this URL can be found easily and it will show where the pictures are hosted.

On Sockboy's AO3 account the idiot most probably forgot about this and he's hosting the "fanart" in "his stories" on LJ. But not on any account, nope, he keeps uploading them along with the stories he posts on the LJ account [ profile] raimbeau. What an idiot?


This account is not only on the list of his known aliases, he is also a (now) known plagiarist.

Sockboy aka [ profile] raimbeau plagiarised the story And the Gods smiled down by Les Lea (page 74), he edited it and posted as Fruition.

Peak of proof (click to see in large):
Sockboy's/[ profile] raimbeau's Fruition posted November 13th 2012

Screencap #1 )

And the Gods smiled down, original copyrighted by Les Lea (page 74) published in March 2010

Screencap #2 )

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Sorry for the late post, I was slammed with things in RL.

There is another bot site scraping fics:

It appeares that many of the fanfic uploaded by the site were removed but it's good to keep checking.

Here's some lawyer-y advice about transformative works and how to get your work removed from the website if you find it.

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Remember "Liz" aka [ profile] aloftbyangels/leeleegirl? The veteran who lived with [ profile] dreamweaver37 and his "husband Dan" for a while and was "in the midst of getting her Doctorate in Divinity"? With the journal being later used by "Dan"?

As you already know another person posting "on behalf" of another using their journal belongs to the well known behavior patterns in people who exhibited Münchausen by Internet (if you go through the list you will find more that fit).

This journal is now deleted too but you can still see the cached version of it HERE or download the PDF of it HERE in case it disappears.

These "two" users also created the LJ group [ profile] griefsupportgrp which makes the whole lying thing 1000-times more fucked up because why? Did they get off on stories of death and suffering of other people? That is literally the only explanation that makes sense, simply looking for attention won't cover it.

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I recieved an e-mail regarding one of my entries about [ profile] dreamweaver37's exposure, apparently somebody *coughs* notified LJ staff that I have posted material which is invasive to the privacy of another.

This entry contained several names and FB profile links that are PUBLICLY AVAILABLE, therefore no violation of LiveJournal's Terms of Service.

They asked me to remove TWO of these names, two specific names.
Conclusion: I would not be notified unless somebody tracked my posts (seeing as DW37 removed all his accounts within minutes of me posting we can be 100% sure that this was the case) and reported these posts, using specifically these names and asking for only these two names to be removed. In short, we now definitely know who DW37 is, no doubts anymore.

It would have actually been smarter to not say or report anything, this was basically like screaming "IT WAS ME!!!"

LJ suspension

Anyway, since I am facing the possibility of having this account suspended I decided to create back-up accounts for both this account and the comm, you can find the account back-up HERE and the comm back-up HERE.


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