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And She Remembers

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned JKR, I own nothing. This was originally suppose to be darker, but I decided to let the readers decide what happen.

No one knew that Ginny Weasley was pregnant with Harry's child. It was mere luck that Lord Voldemort found her and kidnapped her, and luckily none of her family members died.

Lord Voldemort knew that she was pregnant with his child. The boy-who-live. The boy who always in the end manage to survive. He knew that he'll have to have her try and tell him where that boy was.

Ginny knew that Lord Voldemort had ways to make her talk, and she hoped, in some way that one of those ways would not to hurt her child. She remembered the time when a mere 17 year old boy would tell her that everything's alright. And here was that boy, the same boy that tried to kill her.

"I'll tell you where Harry is, only after the birth of this child, and if you harm me or the baby or I won't tell you anything" said Ginny.

Lord Voldemort knew he could do nothing; he already penetrated through her mind and found nothing.

'Hold on, Harry'thought Ginny. She after all wanted to have a simple life with Harry, and live in a red house. Ginny wanted no one, not one of the three, her, the baby and Harry to die. And in the end she prays that he doesn't die.

And some time past by until the new arrival of Harry's child, and Lord Voldemort needed to make sure to weaken Ginny.

"Harry's dead, and you'll make a fine bride" said Lord Voldemort before the contractions began.

He left Ginny whimpering on the floor, with a nurse to help assist the delivery. And Lord Voldemort made sure to put in the newspaper about his bride, hoping to draw out Harry Potter, and finally kill him.

Ginny knew that Harry wasn't dead; she thought she heard, in Harry's voice, to hold on, because he's coming, coming to start that family she always wanted to have.

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Salem Institutional of Witchcraft and Wizadry:
The Year of the Wolves

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, JKR does.

Summary: Welcome to Salem Institutional of Witchcraft and Wizardry! And here I thought I was just going to have a normal year. Boy, was I wrong!


New York City, USA. August 12, 1991

Have you always notice that at Times Square that there's a corner next to the shuttle platform, that only a few people can see it. I can always see this platform, while my mother and father both maintain that there's nothing there. And I never voiced my opinion about this again to my parents, since I didn't want my mother and father to think that I am weird, or that I need a psychologist to look in my head.

I think I know why I can see this platform while others can't. I think that magic does exist. I think that because one time I was able to go from the school's playground to the school's roof last year. Right now I am going into 6th grade, and I am going into middle school. To a school that I really don't want to go to. Why? Because everyone from elementary school will be there, and certain people think I am a freak, when really I can be perfectly normal.

So, yes I do realize that going to one place to another like the playground to the roof and seeing a platform that my parents don't see isn't normal, but today I got a letter. A letter to change the school that I am going too.

Dear Miss. Daphne Goodman,

Welcome to Salem Institutional of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

I knew the reason why certain strange things were happening to me. And this was my way out of my middle school. I think I am going to go tell my mother that I am going to a boarding school with full scholarship and everything, because according to this letter, I have a guide that I need to see today, and really I am not sure if my parents will allow me to come to this school or not. And according to my letter I need to meet this guide at Times Square. Now to see if I can find my mom to sign this letter, and if she doesn't then I can always forge my mom's signature. After all it's not like the principal will know if this is how my parents sign or not.

I hope this year is going to be fun and interesting for me!

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A Change of Fate

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, JK Rowling does. Any other characters belong to me.

Summary: AU. Daphne Goodman, an American Auror, decides to take to the gossip and check if Harry really is abused, and decides to raise Harry herself. Slytherin Harry. Not a Mary Sue story.

Prologue (Harry Potter, 7 years old)-1987

Harry Potter was a unique child, in the sense, that whenever he wanted to disappear from Dudley's gang who always liked to play Harry Hunting by hitting Harry. He would always be able to get away from Dudley gang so quickly. So of course, because he was able to get on the school's roof this time.

And he knew he was in trouble, which explained why he was locked in his room, whoops, cupboard which was really small for a growing boy, the cupboard was very small.

He sometimes wished that an unknown relation, or just someone else entirely would take him away from the miserable Dursleys.

Somehow, Harry didn't know that his wish would be granted.

Sneak peak to chapter 1:

(Daphne Goodman, NYC, 27 years old)

Daphne Goodman was not having a good day. First off, she woke up late, even though she had three alarm clocks in the house, needed to wash her hair and dry her hair, which she usually did by the muggle way. And lastly, the subway was taking forever for her to get to work.

Sure she was a witch, and in someway, it was really hard for her to resist the urge to use magic. However, in America Wizarding World, witches and wizards were ingrained to use the muggle transportation and forced to live the muggle life. Hence, to hide the wizarding world was to be in plain sight. Mostly, muggles were ignorant with the amount of magic being done everyday.

For example, she looked around to notice to see if anyone was paying attention to her, however, no one was watching her. New Yorkers in general would rather like to go to work and the subway was in the train stop for more than 5 mins, for train delays! So she finally decided that the MTA was slightly annoying her, and used magic to let the train to go the next train stop. Luckily, no one noticed that she used her magic in front of muggles. That's all she had to be vigilant when using magic. But luckily, no one ever notices anything.

She finally got to 42nd street, and decided to go between the platforms of the shuttle and N, R, W, Q trains. There was an entrance to where she works, and luckily no one would notice her going through the wall in order for her to get to her job.

She was luckily not to be as late as she thought sh e would have been. She got in to the office before her boss did, and was lucky to meet some of her friends.

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the truth about friendship

Summary: friends are really like your guardian angels. [luna centric drabble] please r&r!

prompt based response to Hogwarts Online, the response is Your Guardian Angel.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, JKR does!

When Luna is five, she plays in the garden, and talks to all the flowers growing in the garden. These flowers are her only friends. But her mom tells her that she'll meet people who will be her friends. She's happy and content anyway, just the way she is.


Many years later, she plucks the same flowers that she used to play with when she was younger. She's fifteen, and finally understands what her mother meant by people wanting to be her friends. Her friends are really like her guardian angels. She strings the flowers together, and write her friends names: Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Neville, and place this in her room, so she never forgets, and always remember the truth.

Her friends are like her guardian angels.

Because friends are really like your guardian angels. And Luna, might be the strange, odd person in her group of friends, but she knows the secret about friendship. She'll never let anyone harm her friends, and she'll protect them no matter what cost is for her.

Cause she's Luna, and she'll make sure that Harry will get through the war, and survive.

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the great pretending

Summary: She likes to see herself as true and perfect, but deep down she knows that's a lie. Petunia-centric drabble.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, JKR does! I always wondered what Petunia might have said to Harry before they left in the 7th book.

Petunia Dursley likes to think she's the perfect wife, a good mother, and a good person. But she knows she has too many cracks on the surface. She would like to blame her problems on her freaky nephew, but she knows it's really her.

She's the freak really.

She knows that she is capable to be a good mother, she raised her son to be a gentleman. Except all she sees is her husband influence on her son. She lost the fight that her son could be someone special, her son is just a bully. Just like how her husband is. It was not until the year that her son ran into a demonter (something so foul and evil), did her son change to be better. (But she did not teach him that, her nephew did).

She knows that she is the perfect wife, because she let's her husband get away with too much. His affairs with other women. Not having the career she always wanted. The abuse on her nephew. She hides the pain and the truth away from herself.

Fell heads over heel in love with her husband, and dropped out of university. She should have listen to her little sister before she was married.

I'm sorry Lily.

She likes to pretend she is great, but she is only great at pretending.

She won't pretend to say goodbye to her nephew. She can't think of saying goodbye to him. And let her nephew thinks that she truly hates him (she doesn't, not really) but she has to pretend that he's a problem to her.

She doesn't worry about saying goodbye. She's good at pretending not to say goodbye.

She still never got to say goodbye to her own little sister.

First Time

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First Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, JK Rowling does. Happy Early Halloween!

Summary: AU. Severus Snape isn't amused. Oh the irony of his costume, but of course, he had to let the brat pick his costume out.

It took Sever Snape three years to find a very dirty and smelly Harry Potter in a cupboard at the Dursleys. He decided then and there to disregard any damn rules that Albus Dumbledore told him about Harry Potter.

He was so disgusted at how disregarding and abusive the Dursleys were to Harry. He later found out that his son had broken rib bones and a very small stomach.

But after having Harry (adopted by blood wards) for at least three years, he finally decided that his son could go trick or treating in the Muggle neighborhood of London (where they lived).

"Harry remember the rules! One, you must be polite. Two, you must put all your candy in your Halloween bad. You may only eat at least three candies tonight" said Severus in a stern voice.

Harry pouted, he really wanted to have more than three pieces of candies, but he was lucky, because this year he got to pick out the costumes for Halloween.

Harry finally got his dad to put on his batman cape, while he told his dad he must put on his bat wings.

Severus Snape did not find it amusing that his son made him wear a bat costume, but he couldn't help but smile at his son's enthusiasm for Halloween.

Years later, Harry will find out that his father had a better costume than the muggle costume of a bat. His dad could turn into an actual bat.

But that discovery will be in another story, for as of now, Harry was happily enjoying his candies and then fell asleep after hearing a wonderful story about pirates and mayham.

First night that Harry will never dream of the green light or the Dursleys.

Happy Early Halloween!


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Prologue is written by anotherfan311, she gave me permission to reupload her story (after she deleted it and left fanfiction) and allowed me to continue this story....note: re-edit the prologue.


Disclaimer: I don't own this story, and this story is from J.K. Rowling universe, and is also heavily influenced (aka inspired by) Cassandra Claire's Draco's trilogy. In addition, this is an AU world, where certain things are disregarded.

Summary: When an accident in Potions class turns Draco into a girl, there's bound to be repercussion for everyone. Draco/Ron, and an eventual Draco/Harry story. .

Chapter 1: The Incident

The Potions dungeon was currently boiling so hot, that Harry couldn't think properly as to what potion ingredients can be placed into the cauldron. Of course, Professor Snape didn't care one bit about how hot the classroom was. He was waiting for Harry to make a mistake.

Professor Snape looked around the classroom and asked a question, "What are the properties of the Jabberbill and why is it important to pay attention while creating this potion?"

While Hermione raised her hand to answer his question, Professor Snape just looked around the room.

"How disappointing, 10 points from Gryffindors for not paying attention to the properties of the Jabberbill," Professor Snape stated to the class. Harry mumbled to Ron about how unfair Professor Snape was being but this not knew to them at all. Professor Snape continued to discuss about the Jabberbill and to know to stir counterclockwise. However, Harry was just trying to fine ways to stay cool in the class.

Malfoy stated rather loudly, so that Harry can hear him from across the classroom about how Gryffindors couldn't even handle the heat.

Professor Snape pretended to not hear Draco's comment, and continued splitting everyone into groups to work on the potions.

"Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom."

Harry's stomach suddenly lurched as if he knew there will be trouble during this class. It's not like Neville isn't a nice guy, it's the fact that he can't do any potions well. And Harry knew right there and then that Professor Snape was looking for away to make Harry miserable. Although with the current boiling temperature of the class, Harry was already miserable.

"Make sure to not stir clockwise, for the potion will be rendered useless," warned Professor Snape, before Harry moved to sit next to Neville. Draco and Goyle were sitting ahead of him.

"Hey Harry," stated Neville. He looked nervous to be doing this potion.

"Hey Neville," Harry replied, "maybe you should get all the ingredients set up, and I'll make sure to prepare the cauldron properly."

While Neville didn't mess up with bringing the ingredients together, he almost stumbled getting back to the table, thanks to someone's leg, most likely it was Draco, Harry thought to himself. Everyone else seemed to have their potions being up to step 5, right before the Jabberbill had to be added.

Harry had to make sure that Neville and his potions were correct. However, he already made his first mistake. He was stirring clockwise.

It wasn't until when Neville added the Jabberbill ingredient, did Harry notice the Potion bubbling incorrectly.

"Neville did you also add in the Gnobe into the potion?" asked Harry.

"No," replied Neville.

Harry wasn't sure what was going on, but the potion was bubbling, and then the potion made a bombing-like noise, and projected itself onto Draco Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy looked at Harry as if he wanted to hurt him.

"Aooow" cried out Draco.

Professor Snape yelled immediately to the class "everyone out!" and he took Draco out of the room to the hospital wing. Professor Snape was in a situation that he never wanted to be in. He was in a situation that he, as a professor never had been in, a student being transformed into a different gender.

This didn't make sense to Professor Snape because the potion properties weren't even remotely related to do with changing the body. He had to go back to the Potion classroom, and find out what those numbskulls did to his godson.

Madame Pomfrey took the sleeping form of Draco, but the sleeping form of a female Draco into the hospital bed, and made sure to throw the curtain around the bed to shield Draco from any embarrassment.

Professor Snape wanted to rip Harry Potter's neck if it's the last thing he could do. He's pretty sure that Albus would not approve of this. In many ways, Professor Snape, was looking on how he can give Harry detention for life, and as much homework to burry him, and give the Gryffindor house as many points taken off.

He had to go to Albus to explain to him the situation that just occurred, and he would not like to take any lemon drops that Dumbledore was addicted too, thank you very much.

Madame Pomfrey continued to watch female Draco Malfoy while she slept with some concern and pity. She couldn't help but feel sorry for him (her) because he was obviously not going to react well to being changed into a girl. Draco (Dracorina) woke up from her sleep.

"Hello, mister Malfoy," Madame Pomfrey said.

"What's going on? Where am I" Draco demanded while sitting up from her bed.

"Draco, you need to take this drink, you just need to rest after having such a bad bump on your head" Madame Pomfrey replied, while giving him some pumpkin juice laced with a sleeping potion. She didn't want to Draco to suffer from a head damage as well as being turned into a female.

Draco fell right back to sleep.

Madame Pomfrey left her bed, to make sure to do the proper protocol and informed Lucius Malfoy that his son changed into a female, and he should see if St. Mungo's can change her back properly into a boy.

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Potions and Snitches

Summary: 100 word drabbles on Severus and Harry. Could be on apprentice, mentor, severitus, adoption, and teacher. Please r&r!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. JKR does.

Drabble 1

He knows that he should be in pain. Pain for the fact that his beloved best friend just died and the fact that Dumbledore, and Voldemort used him.

But Severus, is more in anger that in pain. He heard Dumbledore telling Hagrid to gather Harry Potter, to be send to the Dursleys. And then he heard Minverva confirm his thoughts on a certain person. He heard that the Dursleys were the worst sort of people to be ever left with a child.

He always knew that Petunia would end up being a monster.

He left immediately to go find the Potter's house in Godric Hollows. He will raise the boy. Only because he knew exactly what Dumbledore was condemning that boy too. A life filled with misery.

And he won't let that happen.

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The Beginning of the End

Author: littlemissnovella | [ profile] littlemissnovel

Summary: People state that when you're dying that your life flashes before your eyes. And maybe Professor Snape is dying because of Nagini's bite mark but he really wants to live instead of dying, thank you very much! EWE. Please r&r!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. I wrote this for the [ profile] gameofcards 400 word-drabble challenge on LJ rewriting an ending of a book series that you weren't happy about the ending. I felt like Severus Snape deserved a happier ending.

Also cross-posted to fanfiction and a03.

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