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Disclaimer: I don't own The Vampire Diaries (cause CW does).

Summary: Katherine/Damon, Damon/Elena. The plan was simple, to get to know her doppelgängerin 6 months and then kill her. He just never planned on falling in love with her. Please r&r!


Damon was worried. He just noticed Katherine was so pre-occupied to not even notice his present to her, a human bounded a stake, with his throat already turned open to reveal lots of blood. A welcoming site for any vampire.

Katherine never turned down a chance for blood. So Damon knew that there was something wrong at the moment.

"Love, what is wrong?" Asked Damon. He knew that when Katherine was growling that somethingbad must be happening.

"I found them," replied Katherine.

Damon knows exactly what them means. Katherine apparently still had human descendants from her. Apparently Katherine had a child before she turned to a vampired.

"So What's the problem?" Damon was wondering what Katherine was so worried about.

"She looks exactly like me, and I can't kill her because I promised her birth mother, who I turned into a vampire that I will not kill her. But Damon what if you help kill my doppelgänger? get to know her for 6 months make her trust you, and then kill her." said Katherine, she was thinking of this plan for a while.

And liked a loyal servant to Katherine, he will not fail his mission at all and he will so go back to his hometown and get to know Elena Gilbert, Katherine's doppelgänger, and will get to know her in 6 months, get her to trust him and then kill her.

The plan was very simple, so Katherine thought.

Damon knows that he could do this for Katherine, because human life is not important to him.

Next stop and destination, Mystic Falls, where Damon will return home to the Salvatore house and enrolled as a high school student. He does not think Zack would mind if he hangs around Mystic Falls again.

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The Supernatural Investigators

Summary: AU. Meet the original family, the ones that investigate the supernatural cases and solve crimes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Diaries, CW owns this. Or even this plot idea, this idea belongs to Nathaniel Buzolic, the actor who plays Kol, who wished to see Kol and Klaus team up and be investigators like CSI: Miami and to solve crimes. So, this idea is not mine, but I am writing this due to CSI: Miami being cancelled.


It's the fact that he is in this position again. You would think that he would have learned from his mistakes from the past. But, nope, his family would call him impulsive for a reason.

(3 months before this, somewhere in Chicago…)

"Klaus, I hear from the rumor mills that there are huge body counts in Mystic Falls" said Kol.

"So?" replied Klaus.

He's bored of how Kol gets excited about hearing these rumor mills. Most of the rumor mills end up being about humans killing other humans. And even though, the police forces don't always get every killer, these murders are not committed by supernatural beings.

"Yeah, but these killings are from 'animal attacks,'" Kol said joyfully.

'Oh, no,' thought Klaus.

"I guess that means we will have to ruin Rebekah's junior year in high school," Kol remarked while interrupting Klaus's thoughts.

They headed off towards Mystic Falls, off to do what they always did before, investigate crimes that are committed by supernatural beings.

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Falling to Pieces

Disclaimer: Legit, I don't own TVD. Also, this was written during Season 1 of TVD, and I decided to post this story.
Note: U Fruimmer translated "Falling to Pieces," to Russian (quite beautifully). Please see story  here.

He's not entirely sure when he falls in love with her. He just knows that he did fall in love with her.

At first, when he met Elena, he was nice and charming (only because he really wants to meet Stefan's new girl in his life as well as drive Stefan crazy). It would be funny if history was repeating again. Only this time, he will get the girl this time around and then make sure to break Elena slowly and painfully.

So he has an agenda. He's pretty sure that he won't fall in love with Elena.

He can't. He won't.

He will have to remind himself that only Katherine will be the love of his life. Not Elena.

But when he sees Elena lying on her bed, sleeping, he's overcome with a feeling; he must be feeling his humanity.

No, he still needs to continue with his agenda. He finds it fun to implant a dream, a dream of him being the person that Elena will fall in love with. But his damn little brother (which he really hates or so he keeps telling himself) will come to bury his pans for Elena.

(But if he pinpoints when exactly he falls in love with Elena). This moment would be when he falls for her.

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Welcome to the World

Disclaimer: Still don't own TVD.

Drabble 1: Caroline reads fanfiction dealing with Harry and the Giant Squid

Note: slight Klaroline

There are certain hobbies that Caroline likes to do in her alone time. Reading and writing fanfiction is a guilty pleasure she has. She makes sure to at least include 30 minutes to read fanfiction and between 30 to 45 minutes to write short drabbles on her favorite books: Harry Potter and Twilight.

Caroline wants to write about a weird never before pairing that the Harry Potter fandom, to challenge herself. However, she had to make sure no one else wrote about this pairing.

But what is a weird pairing? Maybe Dobby and Harry? It wasn't till she read a private message from I'mtheAlphaMale, a favorite fanfiction writer and friend on fanfiction told her to check out a story called "Harry is in love with a squid." I'mtheAlphaMale, only sent her the link to the story after she send a message to him asking if he ever read any good odd pairings stories.

And while she read "Harry is in love with a squid," Caroline decided certain pairings like Harry and the Giant Squid should never have been written about. And maybe she should not challenge herself by writing such weird stories that are too horrible to think about.

(Oh and Caroline doesn't know that I'mtheAlphaMale has also an account as well).


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